My sons teacher suggested we start a blog so his class can follow us while we travel.  My initial though was O M G I already spend so much time on technology of some description do I really want another technology absorbing task?  I downloaded a few travel blog apps onto the ipad.  None were easy to navigate.  I was looking for one the kids could use easily to post a photo and share a bit of their day.  Then I found this one.  It seemed easy enough for us virgin bloggers.  What is blogging about anyway?  Bit of travel voyerism?  Does it have spellcheck because I am a terrible speller and will need that.  (I cant find it!).  So here we are… blogging… I also am left to ponder… who reads this stuff?  can people find it?  can they post to say hi?  what do all the menu options mean?…


3 thoughts on “blogging…

  1. What a great idea! We are planning on travelling too, with the kids, so will look forward to seeing more posts from you 🙂

  2. Awesome Wendy A great idea. I’m not used to blogging either but will be great way to keep track of things on your travels xxxx

  3. What a great teacher your child must have!!! Yes, this one seems to be a lot easier. I can see all the posts, no probs. Studyladder is another good web resource for schooling “on the road”. Has a whole lot of curriculum areas, and I think it’s free….

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