I didnt sleep well at all…  woke at 3.30am with thoughts racing through my head about money…  That one thing that keeps us awake at night.  It is to be expected I guess with such a big trip coming up.   I feel anxious, with waves of nausea.

I worry about the practical things… affording food and accommodation.  Are we staying away for too long?  Then I get carried away into thinking can we really do this?  I worry about what else I have to pay before we go… the balance of the cruise, a hire car in LA, four decent backpacks, sets of clothes… My mind takes over and sensibility flys out my bedroom window as I toss and turn.

My husband senses my anxiety.  What is up he asks?  I tell him.  He says everything is going to be alright, like it always is.

It is only 4 months now.  Golly just saying that I feel all the cells in my body tighten, my tummy turns, I cant eat my breakfast.


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