12914-cardinal-front.1354058752I have been reading lots of reviews… trawling the internet for information and tips on how to choose a backpack, what to look for, must have features and brands.  Phew!  Its a big daunting task.  Quiet frankly, I had not idea there was so much to consider.

Top tips seem to include protective strap covers, detachable daypack, suitcase style opening, wheelable, light weight, good lumbar support, quality zips & rain proof.

I have narrowed it down to two brands at the moment – Macpac and One Planet.

I can consider a pack up to 70lt and Geoff who can obviously carry more up to 85lt.  The kids will need around a 25 lt.  Next step, try some on in Perth…

I am thinking we may all need to roll around in the dirt a bit so they dont look so crisp and clean and scream ‘backpacking freshies’ once we are packed and ready to leave!


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