More of our friends and acquaintances are now catching on that we are off on another big trip soon.  Excitement is building all around.

To create spending money for the trip, the kids had a stall at the markets today selling off a whole pile of toys, books and clothes they no longer needed.  Plus Bailey was busking playing guitar.  In total they made $125 to add to their kitty.  They paid me $20 as the helper and fuel money.  Good eggs they are!

I notice that some people think we are a little crazy planning to backpack in another country WITH our children for three months.  We are reasonably well travelled, I know we can do it.  Actually I am super excited/nervous.  I also am a realist and know we will have days where I will cry and want to go home.  Or I might want to pulls the arms and legs off my children, or I may want to divorce my husband and run away with a north American Indian wearing a feather in my hair.P1060701-001

(This photo is of us hitchhiking in the Central Australian Desert when our car broke down)

Anyways, I was telling the kids on the way home in the car that some people think we are crazy backpacking.  They asked why.  I explained because there is lots of unknowns and some people need to have things planned out.  I said we may have nowhere to sleep, or sitting on the side of a road hungry.  Ooooooo they both said, that sounds really exciting, we can handle that Mummy.  Excellent!


3 thoughts on “crazy?…

  1. I’m so glad that you’re teaching your children this at a young age. It’s extremely important to get out and see how the rest of the world operates. It’s a wonderful lesson that there are many way of doing the same thing and arriving at the same conclusion. Kudos to you! You’ll have a blast!

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