IMG_5921photoWe drove 4 hours to the City, leaving home at 5am.  We knew it was going to be a big day.   In the City of Perth there are many mountain/trek/camping shops in one area.  We spent the whole day trying on clothes, backpacks and making a costly pile of what we needed for ‘the big trip’.  The kids went a bit loopy in the middle of the day, other than that, we all survived okay.  Bailey and Gracie kept themselves amused with a little ‘window shopping’ entertaining passers by.  We were lucky to get what we needed during the Autumn sales.  Saving ourselves 40-70% off the retail price of what we needed.  However, buying for four was never going to be cheap.  With the bulk of the material purchases done, the next step will be to lay it all out and see if any thing is missing.  Our two big learnings from this phase was buying merino wool light weight clothing and really taking the time to find backpacks we loved.  Our shopping day finished at 7pm.  It was epic.


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