My low level of fitness has been brewing in the back of my mind for some months now… With only 7 weeks left until we depart for LA I am feeling the pressure to do something about it.  I keep thinking about what I have to carry in my cool new red backpack.  Plus I dont want to be the only one in my family sitting on the side of the road having a cry cos I am puffed out!  And despite the fact my kids love the entertainment factor of my ‘wobbly bottom’ I had better do something about it.  So I signed up for the 12wbt online fitness program.  I picked this one as I will need to be following a program to keep me motivated, on track and disciplined.  I heard about it from a couple of my friends who have transformed their bodies.  This step by step program tells me what to eat and when.  Same for exercise, do this and do that now girl.  I say that I am allergic to exercise so its great for me to be following someone else.  I went to the supermarket this morning with my 12wbt food shopping list then came home and did my first home workout.  I truly felt like an uncoordinated goose and the likes of me should not be seen exercising in public.  The result?  My legs are sore and I feel great!  Yippeee.  I am super motivated and excited.  7 weeks to get fit and fit back into my thermals.  Woohoo…


3 thoughts on “fitness…

  1. Yeah, you Go girl! Yes, Wendy, I hear you…. I did this last year, before I went on holiday… I lost 8kg (no one noticed ha ha), but didn’t keep up with the fitness… This time I am doing boot camp 3 mornings per week and its great to have someone else who is there in my face keeping me motivated . I have rejoined the 12wbt team also…. so look out!

  2. I second the motion you go girl,Im doing the 5km runner on my iphone. Sore legs today!Will have to check out the 12wbt.

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