It is a long weekend here in Western Australia, so we are all lounging about.  The fire is chugging along.  I decided to get out the backpacks and see if we have all we need since we have been buying bits here and there I need to see it all together for that final check.  Gracie only needs two more long sleeve thermal tops, one black and one white. Bailey and I dont need anything, we are all set.  Geoff’s stuff is still in a big pile on the floor.

I have looked at a couple of lists on the internet on ‘how to pack a backpack’ and ‘what to pack in your backpack’.  Helpful and worth following considering the notes are posted by those well travelled.  We are reasonably well travelled, however I am admittedly not a light packer nor have we done it before with backpacks.

Bailey, Gracie and I put on our packs as a test to feel the weight.


My pack was surprisingly light considering the clothes I put in there.  I have been very careful in my shopping to select items that I can layer and that all go with each other. Casual and dressy.  Gracie didnt fit everything in her pack.  Baileys was heavier than mine!  We all used the rolling technique and packing cells.  It is a well organised affair.

Geoff will no doubt be the overflow packhorse that ends up carrying any excess from the kids.  I am pretty chuffed so far with my packing and weight.  I know there is more that needs to go in there like technology, personal items and bathroom bits.  All serious weight bearing stuff.  So far so good.  We will just leave it all in there now for a few more weeks, then take it out and see if anything needs culling.  At least we have made a good start.


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