We are on our one week countdown.  There has been so much happening in our lives ~ organising from work to packing to house to holiday bits.  Its been pretty mental.

I feel a pressure.  A pressure to get all my ducks in order.  A pressure of the unknown. A worry about the 14 weeks of freelance backpacking ahead.

I know being a life coach I often ask people to check in what they are feeling.  Is it excitement or fear?  I know what I am experiencing right now is a combination of both!  I am so god damn excited and at the same time could have a spew.

I am the kind of person too who is super organised and I put in a good 12 months lead up to any big event like this.  I can tell you that the housesitting handover list is done, our bags are packed, the freezer is empty and the chook wheat tubs are full.  There are about 70 cans of dog food in the cupboard, the carpets have been shampooed and any clothes that dont fit have been given to good sammies.  I brought an american currency ‘cash pack’ at my bank, plucked my eyebrows and brought the kids new underwear.  My clients are organised, the paddock has been slashed and I have picked all the green beans in the vege garden.  Kids homework notes have been collected from their teachers, Gracies early birthday party planned and the farewells have begun.


Geoff has been super busy at work and ready for a holiday.  I have been working double time.  The kids are ready for a break with the school term coming to a close.

Like most people say… once you are on that plane all of your worries fall away and the holiday begins.  Not long now… and we will experience that ‘holiday feeling’ flowing through our bodies.


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