two more sleeps…

We are all feeling SUPER EXCITED now… we are singing made up songs like ‘we are on holidays’ and jumping around.  After a big and sometimes crazy week when we wondered if we were actually going to make it.

The last couple of days has been filled with cleaning, property and house maintenance, yes more packing, visiting friends, running errands and all that jazz you do before a BIG holiday.

Thanks Mum and Trevor for a yummy roast dinner.  Please can we order again when we return?  I will be missing good mummy home cooked meals by then.

We loved the kids Nukara School Camp, such a great time to celebrate our lovely school community and see everyone in a social setting.  Gracie has celebrated her 9th Birthday early so she got to have a party. We went to a friends 40th (thanks Mel for organising our ‘going away party’ hehe…) We have caught up with all our lovely neighbours. Thanks Wayne for the duck.  Thanks everyone for the well wishes and messages of ‘fun and safe travels’.  We are feeling really blessed, even before we get on the plane.


The kids have been soaking up the last couple of days doing the things they love most like sword fighting, cowboys in the bush and playing in the cubby.  Geoff decided it was finally time to pack. Yippee!  I think tomorrow I am going to see if I can cull anything else out of my bag so the zip is easier to shut.

The housesitters arrive tomorrow.  We will introduce Margaret and Neville to our property and its inhabitants.  We are going to miss our chooks, sheep, guineas and especially our three poodles, Mina, Maggie and Jasper (who is only 4 months old).  We still need to make a few more good bye phone calls to family.

We feel like its real now…


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