we made it… hollywood CA

We left home Tuesday 9th at 7pm and arrived in LA Wednesday 10th July at 6.15am. We travelled nearly 30 hours – three flights and three airports and even ‘lost a day’ travelling back in time. We had two Wednesdays. No wonder there is something called ‘jet lag’.

There were some of the usual holiday hiccups like Gracie`s backpack never made it. We are still waiting… lost somewhere between Perth and LA. Possibly still spinning around a carousel in Sydney despite the fact we asked at each Airport for our packs to be tracked to make sure they had made each transfer. Mmmm!!… We got to our motel, of course they are doing loud renovations and our room was not ready. This is after we had walked the LA streets for an hour with our backpacks on trying to work out which way was North to locate our motel. We got a bit worried when we found out we were next to a prison, heaps of interesting types around and the whole street was lined with ‘bail bond offices’. We asked some guy where was the taxi rank, and he said with a thick mexican accent ‘oh I can get you a car but it is not a registered taxi’. Of course we realised then, we were in the wrong part of town.

We slept all weird times catching a bit here and there. We all crashed for 5 hours, got up to walk down the street to eat then came back and crashed out again. Got up okay now on LA time although I still feel a bit hung over.

We are 15 hours behind Geraldton time. It weird thinking everyone at home has their whole day done and dusted before we even wake. Makes me realise how great Australian time zone is. We are first at everything!

The coolest thing about Hollywood is that anything goes. Nothing stands out. Like superman walking along the road and its completely normal. There are characters everywhere grabbing you to take a picture then expecting a tip or risk them getting cranky. Cops standing around playing on their phones. Girls dressed up smacking a black batten on their hand asking ‘who has been naughty’. Or the guy wearing a sign saying ‘come take a picture with a real black guy’. Or the black guy on his phone yelling down the line the ‘N’ word that only black people are allowed to call each other. Various TV crews in the street speaking spanish practicing lines for the next take. People street dancing like robots next to the guy painted in gold. A bunch of Chinese people carrying picket signs yelling and crying ‘Jesus will save you’. Oh my golly it`s a wild place with lots for people watching. Our tour guide told us, yes anything goes ‘its Hollywood’. The kids have been spinning out, asking question after question.

We have been to a few icons like Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Stars Walk, Ripleys Believe it or Not, Wax Museum and Guinness World Records. We seen the famous Hollywood sign on the mountain. Our Hollywood tour took us to see lots of famous houses like Katy Perry, Christine Aguirlera, Tom Cruise, Leo Decaprico and the house Michael Jackson last lived in.



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