Santa Monica California

First of all… Gracie’s backpack is still lost… We were all being really patient and hopeful, now we are feeling cranky and doubtful as to its return. Gracie has two outfits the poor little petal has been wearing. She is very sad her bag of beloved things is still missing 😦

Today we put on our backpacks and caught the 704 bus from Hollywood to Santa Monica. It cost us $1.50 each for the half hour bus ride. The HI Hostel maxed out our budget at $185 for one night at the backpackers. Holy sheet alright. The lady on the bus told me California is ‘very expensive’. Of course it is peak season, the sun is shining and its school holidays.



We dropped our (3) bags off at the backpackers and set off on foot towards the famous Santa Monica Pier and muscle beach. There was so much action. Music, kids, the fair, buskers, yummy food cooking and all the noise of people having fun at the beach. Then there are the bikes. We hired bikes for the afternoon costing us $60. We ate a couple of American Hot Dogs off the roadside vans. We rode for a couple of hours and all got thoroughly burnt! I know…I know… talk about stupid. We stopped half way and brought a little tube of suncream after I realised my arms were stinging.



3 thoughts on “Santa Monica California

  1. hey all of you – hope you are having a fab-acious time!! we will be sending lots and lots of good vibes for the return of Gracies back pack!! love you all xx

  2. I have to say I just love the juxtaposition of your Australian travel pics on your banner against your US travel pics! It’s in some way sending me the message that even though I love travelling through North America Australia is home and we definitely do live in the ‘lucky country’! So sucks that Gracie’s backpack is still lost! Sounds like you had a win on the bus tickets but a big lose on the accommodation! Youch … for a backpackers! I know that’s what you guys planned to do, backpack around but have you considered a campervan? You can buy one cheap, then you have somewhere to sleep, somewhere to cook out of, it takes away alot of those accommodation and eating on the run costs. It definitely will take a bit of time/effort to find one but that’s how we travelled. Or look at renting one, there must be some good budget camper rental places. The other option would be Auto Driveaway – I’m not sure if you have heard of them but this is how I travelled around the US last time. Basically people need their vehicles moved cross country or state to state and Auto Driveway finds people to drive their vehicles for them. They give you a set amount of time to get the vehicle from the pick up point to the destination and a set amount of kilometres you can drive and you just put down a deposit which you get back once the car is delivered safely and the only cost is petrol. Here is the web address and it should take you straight to the list of cars needing delivery –
    Oh I just saw one on there that is needing to go from Phoenix, Arizona to Vancouver!! I wouldn’t mind doing that drive!! I’m going to Facebook message this to you too! Love Renee xxx

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