I need broccoli…

We left our hotel in Santa Monica and travelled on the train to San Diego. We are fast learning the ropes to travelling by foot. Mainly that when we move we need to allow the day to work out how to get to the next place, find free wifi to access the internet to check transport and accommodation, then walk to the station, asking locals along the way for directions, using buses, taxi and trains to pull it all off. There is lots though on the upside. We are more grassroots to chatting to locals and experiencing the realness of a place. Plus I am on permanent fitness bootcamp.

At Union Station in Santa Monica we had a few hours to fill waiting for our Amtrak train to San Diego. We could hear tribal street performers close by so brought some all American fat snacks and found a spot to watch. It was a Mexican performance I think. So colourful with their costumes and drumming. Lots of friendly happy people.
The train ride was pretty awesome. The carriage we sat in felt like first class with the big wide roomy seating. It was a double decker train that travelled really close to the ocean. The views were spectacular. It is just so exciting to travel by train. You can see the locals think nothing of it reading the paper and not even looking out the big glass pane windows. Meanwhile we are jumping around taking photos and ooo and arrhh at the views. The beaches were packed with beach goers with the sun out and the American summer holidays in full swing.
That night as I lay in bed tired some of the flipsides to travelling surfaced… Like my stinging sunburnt shoulders, the kids voice annoying me, Gracie bag is still ‘in transit’, the fact I woke at 4am and am tired, its hard to see the carpet through the stains on the floor in our budget room tonight, where is ‘cheap America’ because we cant find it, I am sick of American carbs and need a big bowl of broccoli… thats the ones I can think of for now. Other than that, we are all good!

One thought on “I need broccoli…

  1. Travel can be very hard work and I often find that while it has its rewards at that time it really sinks in when you reflect back on it how awesome it was as all the hard work bits seem to slip your mind on reflection! Love your permanent boot camp comment! xxx

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