Off into the desert…


Today was move on day to Las Vegas.  We have tickets to see the Cirque de sol Michael Jackson ONE show on 17th.  We know we could have spent way more time in San Diego as really it looked like a nice City, but you know you just cant do it all.  It took us the whole morning to work out the cheapest way to get from San Diego to Vegas.  It was going to be 3 hours on the train, then 6 hours on the bus, or 1 hour on the plane ($550).  We considered making a cardboard sign saying ‘Vegas’ and hitching, but knew our parents would not approve.  You know if we were going to hitch we would have had to do it now just so we could have the real ‘Vegas’ sign like in the movies! Anyhow, we caught a cab to the airport to ask about hire cars (I know, its turn right to go left here) and ended up in a big grey Dodge Charger for $130.  Yippeee the most economical way to travel for us today.  When it came down to hiring a car When we had finally made our choice to drive I noticed Geoff looked a little unwell, coming to terms with the fact he had to drive on the wrong side of the road in America.
Like any hire car adventure the first hour or two in any big city is always bloody awful.  Even with the GPS we were going around in circles and missing our exits.  We were faced with 6 lanes in each direction and completely alien road concepts driving on the wrong side.   Its also okay to turn right on a red light. We stopped at Maccas for lunch and must have pressed a wrong button to start up the GPS and it diverted us around one city, through another (complete with road works and detours thank you).  So much for one road in the desert.  Anyway, yes we did find it and could start to relax.  We decided the bus was far more relaxing.
So much of what we see on telly is American based movie adventures from Thelma and Louise to Hangover to Transformers.  Driving through dusty deserts, giant floodways, road trips, red neck towns and highway cop cars racing past.  We catch ourselves saying ‘look just like the movies’.
We got out of the car for a wee and the windy dry desert heat hit us at 109`F.  Here we come Vegas.

2 thoughts on “Off into the desert…

  1. Hello Wendy, Gracie, Geoff and Bailey.
    I’ve just caught up on all your blogs, and I’m loving it.
    You look like you’re having some amazing experiences, and it’s a fantastic way for me to escape this hunk of steel for a few minutes.
    Good on you. Have lots of fun, and keep smiling.
    Lots of love to you all.
    Shaun xo xo xo xo

  2. Haha I have just realised that maybe I should have read your blog posts in the order that they’ve been written instead of going backwards through then as I’m realising I have written comments that you have already made in earlier posts – like my one about feeling like you are on the set of a movie the whole time!!!

    Driving in the US, it’s OK when you are on the open road and there is a very defined side of the road that you are on but city driving is HARD work! I totally get why Geoff was looking ‘a little unwell’ contemplating doing it!

    So love your writing Wendy! You have such a great way of telling the story of your adventures! Love the photo too!

    Renee xxx

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