San Diego Seaworld…

Geoff picked up a Seaworld brochure when we were in LA and announced he wanted to see the killer whales.  Then we found out it was in San Diego which was three hours away.  So a days travelling a lot further south than we anticipated – here we are in San Diego, only half an hour from the Mexican border.  Actually that makes sense because we hear more Mexican Spanish spoken the past few days than English.  Our experience of California so far has been very multicultural and far from the white America we Aussies see on telly.

On our way to Seaworld we walked to the local supermarket to buy breaky and food for the day.  We found a place called Ralphs.  It was so great to see fresh food.  We were all very impressed with the presentation.  I could spend hours in any supermarket in a foreign country because I just love looking at the way other people do things.  We seen some of the packaged foods we see on telly like twinkies and cheese in a can.  Americans sure do like their cheese, and its a weird orange colour that looks more like grated carrot.
Seaworld was nothing short of amazing.  WOW!!  The first thing we walked up to was the killer whale underwater observatory area.  I just kept saying FOMG OMG look how massive eyes wide open jaw dropping impressive this animal is.  It was a Julia Roberts pee your pants moment.  We are also tinged with sadness at the size of this massive whale stuck in a tank. Gracie asked where was his mumma and his family. There were five killer whales in the show.  The musical built up, the burning hot sun beating down on our bodies, the performance, the fact we all got soaked from their tails splashing us, the rock show, I had tears in my eyes it was so moving and exciting.  Seaworld knows how to put on a good show.
The Americans are seriously patriotic.  I thought us Aussies took the trophy for Australia Day, however these guys just are into it everyday.  Little signs that they love their America.  At Seaworld the place came to a halt with Americans standing with hand on heart, we were all asked to remove out hats, all turned to face the big red, white and blue flag bang on 9am as the National Anthem played over the loud speaker.  Then before the Killer Whale show they asked all military people to stand (there were heaps of them) and everyone clapped and cheered and how wonderful their service to their country was.
San Diego is a full military town with our taxi driver saying there are more military personnel here than any other US town.  There were various war ships and aircraft carriers in port.
Seaworld was always going to be an epic day.  Geoff and I can only handle one theme park every few years.  I needed a panadol and a corona to get me through.  We were there from 9am to 10.30pm. We watched several shows, rides and circumnavigated the whole place I am sure ten times over.  We finished the day with a smoke grilled turkey leg that felt like we were eating a babysaurus.

One thought on “San Diego Seaworld…

  1. I remember the first time I landed in LA, I felt like I was on Sesame Street, so many people from so many backgrounds – all American but so culturally diverse! I too share your passion for supermarket visits in foreign countries! It’s almost like going to a museum for me and I could stay there for hours marvelling at all the products!! I love it! And as for patriotic Americans, it’s pretty amazing huh. There is something honourable about it but for the most part I find it disconcerting. It makes them narrow minded and set in the belief that America is the number one country in the world! I could go on but I won’t! There are lots of good aspects to the American people and culture too!

    I’m so glad you all enjoyed SeaWorld, it is really hard to see animals in captivity like that but to be able to experience them up close and personal like that is pretty awesome too.

    Travel safe and enjoy! xxx

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