Grand Canyon Arizona

It was a hard decision whether to self drive or bus tour to see the Grand Canyon. It is difficult to make the choice when you just havent been to a place before. We had to consider the desert heat, accommodation, navigation and all that jazz if we were going to drive. So we decided to take the tour. It was 15 hour round trip on a guided tour bus from Vegas out to the Canyon and back again. Hindsight is a great thing… once we got going we realised we could have easily drove and made a few days of it. Bugger…
We left at 6am and got back at 10.30pm. Yes a BIG day. On the way we made several stops. One being the Hoover Dam. It was pretty neat. A big ‘engineering’ structure if you are into clever things made by humans. We got to see cool ‘just like in the movies’ scenes like the silver trailers (caravans) parked in the open desert plains. Cheap land in the desert trailer life instead of a house. The other sneaky human made thing is the mobile phone towers we see are made to suit the environment so people dont notice them. They are made look just like a tall palm or pine tree.
imageThe scenery kept changing from flat rocky desert to mountainous pine forrest. We thought the Grand Canyon was going to be stinky poo desert dry hot and dusty however it was far from it. Instead it was interesting diverse vegetation and a beautiful landscape. The temp was pleasant with loud thunderous rain storms rolling in around us. Our bus driver Harold said it was monsoon season. A word I would have never associated with the desert!
imageThe Grand Canyon of course was nothing short of amazing. One of the seven wonders of the world was like a post card. Harold said the only ‘bad’ thing in his opinion about the Grand Canyon is that it doesnt look real. And he said it doesnt matter if you spent 2 hours or 2 days you just cant get enough of it. This was true. I could have sat and soaked it in forever. There was one particular stop that was beautiful and we just didnt get to stay long enough.
Gracie was happy as we seen lots of friendly squirrels and a few cute chipmunks.  We called out ‘AALvinnnnnnn’. We also seen some Elk on the road out. Like a big brown raindeer.
We also got to visit ‘Radiator Springs’ on Route 66 from the Cars movie. Historic shops and giftware to reflect the movie and this famous road and its story of the new highway superseding the old. One shop was full of skins like ‘wear the fox hat’ by Dan Boon. Skunks, raccoon, bobcat, fox and other Arizona desert animals. We seen some real hillbilly hicks along the way like the lady with no front teeth directing me to the toilet ‘out back’. She also said ‘the bar is open if you wanted a beer or somethang to eat like a hot dawg’.
We also visited shops cashing in on the Native American thing with ‘made in China’ indian wears. We did however love the locally made REAL Rattlesnake key rings. I bit like how in Australia you can buy a Kangaroo scrotum coin purse, a crocodile skin belt or a whole dried cane toad bottle opener. I could have picked from a real Rattlesnake head or dried tail that still rattles. Pitty that Australian customs wont allow dried snake or I would have had one in a flash.

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Arizona

  1. Oh Wendy I am so excited to be able to follow your adventures like this. It brings back so many memories for me! The Grand Canyon is unbelievable as you say, simply breathtaking but so, so hard to get a grasp on because it is so massive! I too was expecting something totally different when I first went there, red desert, cactuses and nothing much else besides a massive big red canyon in the ground, I have no idea where the image in my head came from but wow was I totally shocked by how different it was. Expectations are a funny thing! And now you know for ‘next time’ that you would drive out there and spend more time checking it all out. There is just so much of that in travelling – ‘next time’ we will do this!

    I’m about to check out your Vegas adventures now. Lots of love to you all and here’s to many amazing American adventures! Sometimes travelling through the US does feel like one big movie set – I guess so many of the movies we watch and TV shows too come from there so we are constantly recognises places, characters, situations etc that are somewhat familiar to us. Enjoy!! xxx

  2. Wow wow wow! It’s so great to be able to follow your fantastic adventure and see how happy you all are. It all seems so different to our cosy little lifestyle here in good old Gero! Well I have booked us a holiday, yes you heard right our first family holiday will be a plane flight from here to Perth ending up on the Gold Coast for five days. Finally we have something new to look forward to. Looking forward to hearing about your next experience ♥ Lilly

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