Zion National Park Utah

We spent a big full day at this awesome famous USA national park today.
We managed to get a reasonable motel last night including breaky for $110. Its interesting how different a simple thing like breaky can be from country to country. So in Australia you know we will have a simple coffee, tea , toast and cereal – you know how it works. Here this morning we had on offer fruit loops, fruit bagels with squeezy butter and jelly (honestly it was so wrong). Even tea and coffee is strange – you have the sugar and milk in a powered can. They dont know what white coffee is – its always just brown water, you have to find milk and sugar to finish it off. At least they have tea, otherwise I would be totally loosing my shit.
The cool thing about our cheap motel was it had an awesome view of the whole canyon range right off the balcony. Geoff wondered if we put out a steak if a mountain lion would come. The town of Springdale at the base of Zion was very funky full of tourists from every corner of the globe. Every person you walked past was speaking another language of some description.
Yesterday we spent the day on the top of a very famous canyon looking down, and today we spent the day in the bottom of similar canyon but looking up. It was a great experience to be able to do both.
The canyon was full of interesting first time experiences. Like seeing the canyon red dirt, sheer cliffs, flowing river and cactus plants. We also seen reindeer, a tarantula, a baby rattlesnake, canyon tree frog, lots of lizards, eagles and a blue wren. There was a flash flood warning so we had to keep an eye out for storms building. The next sign said ‘Dont try to outrun a flash flood, seek higher ground or wedge yourself between two rocks’. Bailey read it all carefully and announced he felt so much safer now knowing what he had to do.
There was a sighting yesterday by other hikers of a mountain lion eating a deer (apparently big nasty cat rip your arms off dont get to close thinking its a big cute pussy). Gracie said she wanted to see a baby one. And of course lots of squirrels. They are so friendly and cute. You can tell who is American and who is a tourist soon as a squirrel is around. Tourists are madly taking photos of these cute little rats. Americans are yelling at their kids to dont touch and get away or you’ll catch a disease. Or they walk past and say ‘those bite ya know’. I asked one lady ‘what diseases?’ She goes ‘rabies and other nasty things and lots of them’. I was thinking bloody heck if they are full of rabies I am sure there would be a warning sign! You will cop a $100 fine if you are caught feeding one.
The place is like a freeway of people. You dont have to worry one bit about being out in the wilderness alone! There were literally thousands of people all hiking with their wooden sticks. It was like ‘keep right’ the whole time (yes they walk on the wrong side here too). You are not allow to take your car into the park as they just dont fit. So you leave your car in the town and catch a shuttle. The leave every 5-10 mins bus after bus after bus. FULL of people getting into nature. Bit like the Gibb River Rd with shuttle buses and thousands of tourists. Mental.
The cliff faces of Zion are just breath taking. The most similar is like Kings Canyon in the middle of Australia. Other than that it is very unique and awesome to view. The heat was okay. Some parts really hot and hard and other parts we could wet out feet and cool off.
Tonight we are in a town called Hurricane and happy we have paid $62 for a really nice motel room including a hot breaky in the morning! yayyyy…
We ate more Tacos and Buffalo Ribs for dinner. We only have to order two meals and share. We might be mexican by the time we get home.

2 thoughts on “Zion National Park Utah

  1. Hi Wendy and family,

    I have just come across your blog, and love the read. You are all so very inspiring! Have you got a route mapped out? Liam is going to love learning about Bailey’s adventures – and envy his encounters with the incredible wild life. I am excitedly anticipating your next blog entry. Have a yummy hot breaky tomorrow and an amazing day to follow xxx Kellie

  2. Hi guys, wow it sounds like Zion has changed a bit since I was there in 2000. We could drive through the park and I do remember there being lots of people there but not quite how you described it. We would have been there in April – it was still quite chilly – and I guess being summer holidays there it would be peaking! It does make you realise how lucky we are to live in a country with such a small population, that for the most part when getting out in nature we are away from everything and everyone! Your breakfast sounds awful! Nothing quite like the good old American diet! And yes Adrian is always complaining about how awful the coffee is too when we are back there! Looking forward to hearing of your next adventures! xxx

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