by Bailey…

To all my awesome friends
I miss you all and i hope you all are getting lots of school work to do (JOKE! )we have just hired a car and we have being doing lots of driving. It is so boring in the car and it is very hard to find something to do. lately me and Gracie haven’t found the best thing to do in the car. Most of the things we do in the car include hurting each other and she can really hurt me.Right now Gracie is asking me to tell you that it is her BIRTHDAY! so i’ll tell you, I’T GRACIE’S BIRTHDAY! The country side has been dry, barren and there’s no tree’s (it’s pretty much a DESERT!) A couple of days ago we went to the Grand Canyon from Las vegas, which took 7 hours  to get to the canyon and 7 hours  to get back. In Las Vegas We stayed at the Stratosphere which was a big tower and a hotel. then we went to Zion national park which was another giant canyon.  me and Dad went on a big 3 hour walk through rapids and strong currents, some parts where so deep that even when me and Dad climbed a big rock and did a pin drop i still didn’t touch the bottom i’ll write back soon
this picture is for Aidan!
these are my  my new characters
hope you like them                                                                                   awesome
from                                                                                                             BAILEY!

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