The highways in the past three states we have travelled through have been really great.  Big, open, wide, split multi lanes.  You are allowed to do 75 miles per hour – 120 kms an hour.  Sometimes 85mph.  Everyone is flogging along. The roads are thick, smooth and built for speed.  This is why big American ‘trucks’ like F350s and 5th wheeler RVs dont seem big. We come across RV trailer parks full of them.  We have not seen America in recession yet. They are still eating tacos, refilling upsized sodas on their summer vacation.

Just like the Cars movie there are LOTS of trucks from LA to Vegas to San Francisco and beyond.  And there is a slow lane (to the right) flash truck after flash truck hauling arse.  The truck stops are like a little town.  Buffets, pokes to scratch your gambling itch and multiple shops.  A very tidy and well organised affair.

Americans have very good manners.  Always saying yes mam, yes sir and you’re  welcome.  Never ‘not bad’ or a grunt like we get from lots of Aussies in roles of service.  They dont seem have that terrible attitude of lots of Aussies like we are being interrupted and annoyed by customers who need serving. Americans will go out of their way to make sure you are serviced and happy.  And they will even ask if there is ‘anything else’, or ‘will that be all mam’.  Maybe its the tip thing.  We did tip Harold $10 and he gave us a road atlas of America and Canada.
The kids have done bugger all ‘school work’.  Well it has been school holidays Tara and Lisa 🙂  They are however keeping up with their travel journals.  Gracie who loves journalling is well organised and up to date.  Bailey is lagging and struggles to remember what we have done each day to make his entry, only because he is still catching up from five days in Vegas.  They have both taken to a bit of sketching.
We had a big day driving today from Utah back to the California coast.  It was a stressful day, not much fun.  We are on our way to San Francisco.  We seen some funny highway side billboards on the way – one said ‘4 wisdom teeth out for $799’.  The other funny as one going through Vegas said ‘No needle vasectomy’. Another said ‘Hurt yourself in a hotel? Lawyer up with us’. We watched an add on telly selling ‘virtually pain free catheters in a pack of four’.

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