Santa Cruz

We did another big day driving in brighter spirits today from North LA to Santa Cruz.  We travelled about 450 kms through various landscapes from huge brown barren mountains to dry open plains. Lots of picket signs in the deserted paddocks saying ‘congress created dust bowl’.  Something is going on here with their water, and obvious lack of it.  Its like a human created desert. Hundreds of kilometres of paddocks with no stock.  We seen one intense cow feed lot farm with thousands of ‘battery cows’.  We passed a massive state water dam that is so low half was dried up.
The lady at the roadside fruit stall that its all normal for summer – brown and dry.  In winter it all greens up again.  Just like my paddock at home.
We passed a bush fire burning in low scrub with choppers dumping water.  We also went through some broad acre agricultural land with various crops like oranges, tomatoes, cherries and hay bales.
imageIt is Gracies 9th birthday today.  She has had about three birthdays now, so she has had a good run turning nine.
Luckily for Gracie we spent the night in Santa Cruz.  WOW the boardwalk and beachside fun fair was awesome.  I real night to remember for her.  Especially at about 10pm on the way back from dinner we met ‘Tigger’ a street living dude who drew Gracie a tattoo for $2 and he told us a random story mentioning words like ‘cartel, ice, police, fear for my life, on the run, prison’, then got back to finishing the drawing for Gracie so we could be on our way.  She was chuffed.
Like I said yesterday that the pull over stops are like small towns.  The food stations are like convenience condiment city.  Everything is self serve easy to use and made ‘to go’ (takeaway).

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