Fort Bragg

Well we all know how men like to ‘fix’ things when most of the time we just want them to listen to our story. Well this time my man did fix it good. He brought us a car.


Things were proving difficult = it is peak season. Town after town is booked out. Transport off the beaten track is non existent. We were stressed.

So like lots of people recommended before we came yesterday we decided to ‘buy a car’ to get around. It took the day to organise. The car dealer picked us up at the San Fran Hostel at 9.30am and by 3.30pm we had a car, GPS and hit the road. I felt like I could finally take a breath. We can resell it in Canada and still be in front considering car hire here is just financially silly and not an enjoyable experience! It is about $100 to rent a car because us Aussies have to pay extra insurance blar blar blar… Like I have said before, anything you see advertised is not what you pay. Even if the internet car hire says $30 per day, you end up paying $100. They are allowed here to advertise base pricing, then do all the extra adding, so be careful!

Having our own car, kids are super happy. Somewhere to call home and spread out there stuff. We headed north on scenic coastal highway 1. A road we would have never got close too if on going from city to city on the train. All of a sudden we felt like we were back in Tassie driving along a winding coastal road looking at the sea, free as a bird. How quickly things can change. The cities are interesting enough, but really, only in small doses. Amen for Mother Nature.


We thought now no matter what happens we have our own little place. Driving along we stopped in motel after motel and all booked. By 6pm we finally found one bed left in a big Motel 6. So we decided to not tell them we had kids and just make the one bed work. We made a bed out of our backpacks and Bailey excitedly camped on the floor. Gracie, Geoff and I had the double bed. We went to the best diner yet called Black Bear Diner in some random little town a few hours north of San Fran. It was super cool and finally we were feeling good.


So since we have a car, we went to Safeway, brought the mandatory ‘living in your car’ white foam esky for $4 and some food for the next couple of days. We even got signed up for the Safeway Club Card and saved shit loads on our bargain hunting food shopping expedition.

Now we are in a town called Fort Bragg for some down time. The kids went to the second hand book store and stocked up (now we have a car) and they have never been so quiet. We booked two nights in a roomy motel with two queen beds for $70 per night, including a basic continental breakfast. Lots of motels are owned and run by people from India. Its a funny place California, you would not know you are in America half the time there are so many languages and races. Gracie thought our room was so nice she asked if we could move in.

Today we have explored the quaint seaside town of Fort Braggs. Since our room has a microwave we have decided to have a $5 cook off comp. Its boys against girls. We have been to Safeway with a $5 budget per pair. I hope the microwave works.

Its about 1100kms from here to Fort Bragg to Vancouver. Its nearly three weeks since we left home. Our cruise to Alaska leaves Vancouver on 23rd August, so we have about 20 days to get to Vancouver.


2 thoughts on “Fort Bragg

  1. Great photos – again! I love the one of Geoff and Bailey pulling the tree down and the one of you all where you are hugging the tree! The redwoods are amazing hey! I sounds like you have finally ‘arrived’ to the travelling experience that will work best for you and it’s so amazing to hear that you had a car sorted so quickly, in what probably would be less time than for you to plan your next move the way you described a few blog posts back! I hope the microwave worked for you – who won? And did you make it to Glass Beach? I’m thinking the beach pics might be from there, it’s on my ‘must see’ list! Happy travelling, freedom and your own space is so important hey! xxx

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