Redwood Country

Humans are creatures of habit.  Anything starts to feel good when it becomes familiar. We are starting to find our mojo. Much like when we travelled half of OZ in our caravan we nearly killed each other in the first week.  Then we got into a rhythm and things started to come together.  We have our car, we have our little foam esky, a bit of food, GPS, kids have their books and we are migrating North.


Today we travelled through National Redwood State Forests.  They are world renowned for the tallest and roundest trees.  No kidding, they are mental BIG.  We even drove through the middle of one.  I reckon it might take ten people hand in hand to get around one.
We did an easy 1km stroll through one section.  Whether the trees are standing or fallen over they are the most impressive trees I think I have seen so far. The kids said they loved the fallen over ones as we got to climb onto them, especially the root base.  They are as tall as our house and look like some kind of forrest monster.  Actually, here is the birthplace of Bigfoot. There are also Black Bears, not that we seen any, and Mountain Lions.  The trail sign said to make lots of noise as not to startle one.  So we stomped along and sung a song.

One thought on “Redwood Country

  1. Glad you have it all sorted, we much enjoyed off the beaten track too, cities are cities everywhere, country is where the real people are .

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