Grants Arse Oregon

We are in a place called Grants Pass.  We forgot the name and accidentally called it Grants Arse this morning and it stuck.  So we are in a new US state. We noticed a dramatic change in landscape soon as we crossed the boarder.  It went from black soil and green forests to red dirt and sparse pine fields. We left the coastal highway and headed inland.


We started our day at a place called Mystery of the Trees.  I asked ‘what is the mystery’ and the girl said its the unique way the Redwoods grow – shapes or twists.  Hang on, back the truck up, we started our day with an awesome breaky!  I created scrambled eggs on toast.  Eggs in a carton and toast already done – yes without a toaster.  It was heaven.  So great to have something savoury when everything here is sweet.


There was an awesome Native American Museum at the Mystery of the Trees, so we seized the moment for the kids to do some school work.  They each picked something to write up and present.  Both did exceptionally well.  Bailey choose early musical instruments of the Indians (History) and Gracie picked a Bobcat (Science) and early basket weaving (History).  We sent a set of early  Indian postcard images back to Leaning Tree to learn about and enjoy.

imageI was thinking today that lasting memories are made of the times when our emotions are peaked out.  Its got to be the extremes to get really locked into our memory bank. Think of the times you remember from the past… its the time when you are emotionally strung out one way or the other right. Like when we were camping in NZ in 0` and nearly froze to death during the night or when I was terrified at the top of the bungy tower in Indo or or when the special cold carrot soup was the worst thing I had ever tasted at the famous restaurant in the Eiffel Tower and Geoff and I giggled like idiots, or when my legs went to jelly through euphoric exhaustion climbing Cradle Mountain or when I experience deep love and excitement through cute and new animals.  So why did this pop into my mind? Well we are in bear country. Yesterday on our picnic table there was a sign of a black bear saying ‘dont feed the wildlife – not even a crumb’.  I was thinking ‘where are these bears’ I keep seeing signs but no bears. The past few days we pass wooden bear carvings, bear signs, bear flags, bear wine holders, bear letter boxes.  I asked a lady – ‘where are the bears’?  She said they are shy and live deeper in the woods.  So when we do see a bear I am ready for one of those emotionally peaking moments.  Like sitting at the picnic table and one is behind me.  Mmmmm lets see…if I stop blogging at anytime soon you can guess what has happened… bring on the bears!


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