We have had a lovely time balancing forrest and beach the past few days.


I love that we have got to see new animals in the wild we have never seen before.  This has to be my favourite part of travelling.  Today we seen a Banana Slug, wild Elk and a little mole.


We dont know if it was a baby or fully grown.  On the way back from our beach walk he caught the corner of my eye, I thought is was a black mouse until we seen his unique little nose. Now the good part of seeing a freshly dead animal is that you get to experience it up close and personal without running away.  Hehe!!  Like this one time (at band camp) Geoff picked up a freshly dead rabbit off the side of the road and brought home as bait for our fox trap, then Gracie (who was about 2 at the time) picked it up off the varandah and pushed it around in her pram for the day.  We had to say enough was enough at bed time.  Plus our city boy accountant had been over for the day and freaked out when Gracie carried it out and he said ‘oh nice rabbit’and I told him it was dead.  It was heaps funny.
I love here that you can change climates and environments so quickly.  We can see in the sun stalking Elk in a Meadow, then walk into a green wet canyon and then walk along a stormy beach.  It often looks like its going to piss down raining but it is just the low clouds or sea fog wafting back and forth.  Its like driving through clouds. We went to Fern Canyon today with towering walls covered in lady fern and wet moss.  Parts of the scary dino movie Jurassic Park were filmed here.  We run along roaring like dinosaurs.
We found the biggest cheapest supermarket yesterday.  Everything is pallet packed, bulk stacked and no frills and half the price of Safeway!  Who thought that was possible!  So we are beginning to find ‘cheap America’.  You needed a car to get off the tourist superhighway and find it.  We are now finding nice motels, with a microwave, two beds and nicely fit out for a family of four for $80 per night.  Woohoo.
This will be our last stop in California.  Tomorrow we will be crossing into Oregon.  An American State that I have not really heard of before.

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