Crater Lake

Ooo yeah we had a great day at Crater Lake National Park Oregon, and it is Geoffs birthday. We packed our foam esky, suncream, water, hats and off we set.
The drive around the lake is about 30 miles. It is a zig ziggy road and the NP info flyer says to allow 2-3 hours to drive the rim with all the stops of interest. We took the whole day as we also did one of the strenuous rated walks. That took us 4 hours alone. It was an amazing and yes strenuous steep climb to the rim summit. The views were beautiful. We also seen a mummy deer with her twin spotted bambis and a marmot that looks cross between a cat and rat. He was cute as munching on the mountain grasses.
We watched an informative video at the Visitors Centre that explains how it was formed and why it is so awesome. Crater Lake was formed 7700 years ago (young in Geological terms) when so much lava build up under the massive volcano that the whole thing collapsed inside itself and left a mega hole. Then over the following winters of snow falling and melting it filled in and became a beautiful blue pristine lake. The crater is 10 kms across, 700metres deep and is Americas deepest. So, it was not formed by a crashing meteorite, it was formed by a volcano crashing down inside itself. Cool as!
We got to explore all kinds of volcanic rock creations, including the hunt for Obsidian that is black and sometimes red volcanic glass. Bailey was fascinated, I think he will make a good Geologist with his love of rocks. Shame kids cant go into space to experience it firsthand to make their learning journey easier like we can do with volcanos.
We were even lucky enough to be able to hike off the track to visit a lonely last deposit of snow. Gracie declared ‘it was one of the best days of her life’ when we returned from our big summit climb. Now that is something to write home about.
You can see behind us in this summit picture the tip of the volcano that remains in the lake as evidence of the violent collapse.
We finished Geoffs birthday like a lot of other Americans, enjoying the summer vacation by the lake with a fire toasting marshmellows, eating pizza and drinking beer. It doesnt get much better than today.
A group came and joined us chatting away about vacations, America and our adventures. Americans cant pick our accent, they think we are from Europe, NZ or UK.

4 thoughts on “Crater Lake

  1. It looks like you guys are having once in a lifetime adventures, it like a breath of fresh air reading about your trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

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