Mount Hood

We arent always happy and smiley you know. Sometimes we are driving each other crazy. Sad, disappointed, frustrated or mad. We are with each other 24/7. Either in the car, in a little motel room or sightseeing. Some of the most difficult times is when Geoff and I have to stop to make plans. Anything on the internet takes time, and we have to seize the moment when we have good wifi. Like checking out accommodation for the next spot, or investigating a tour or what route to take on the map. This is when the kids get bored and start arguing about trivial things. We all get short and loose patience. This morning Geoff and I had to stop for a couple of hours to research and book our flights out of Alaska back to Vancouver. We all went a bit mental, but we got through it and our tickets are booked for 4th Sept $1200 for us all to fly back to Vancouver when our cruise finishes.

Yesterday we spent a super lovely day at Mount Hood Ski Resort. On the way we went along a tourist drive called the fruit loop. It is a trail showcasing local farm wares like fruit, flowers and vegetables. We seen trees laden with pears and apples ready for harvest.
Now as you know it is summer, but because Mt Hood is 3.6km up it still has snow and two lifts operating. The weather was perfect. A warm summers day in the snow. There are lots of American kids here on summer ski school camp. Like the ones we see them go on in family daytime movies made in the US.
We caught the chair lift up and played in the snow. It is surprising that you can hurt yourself in the snow. If you have not seen it before you think its like a cloud. But if you go too fast with bare hands or thump down hard it can sting and burn. We were sliding down on our bums and all experienced various levels of butt pain and ice burn. We all had a ball. The sun was glaring and we all had plenty of suncream on.
Our little cabin was just delux. We found a four bed dorm for $110 with a spacious share bathroom. The resort was built in 1937 and is on the American national register of historical hotels. We watched the documentary on how it was built, why and by who. A very interesting story. The massive job was funded by the American Government as a work project to help everyday people into employment and lift spirits during the Great Depression. Everything inside and out was all made onsite by hand by what they had at the time – wood, iron and animal hide. A very inspiring and impressive journey. I really appreciate they cater for all budgets. You can stay here and swank it up or stay in the economy wing. Very nice.
In the evening we had an all American camping treat called S’mores. You toast a marshmallow then while hot squeeze it between two square bran biscuits and a slab of hershey bar. Despite the fact that their big white fluffy marshmallows taste pretty awful and and the chocolate Hershey bar is terrible taste too – all together they are yummy. I am guessing that is why they invented the S’more to make those products palatable!
Our transition into the Washington city of Seattle today was surprisingly sweet. Tarnished by visions of our last big city visit in busy San Fran we were a bit worried about another concrete jungle interfering with our serenity. We found a groovy motel just 10 mins from the city and managed to cross the city with little road rage thanks to our GPS to check in.
As usual we piled in all our gear and sprawled out filling all corners of another temporary pad. We check out the place and found the usual helpful amenities like an ice machine (keeps the esky cold), microwave (for preparing cheap meals), coin operated laundry and bar fridge.
We walked over a couple of streets to the food strip and found the burger bar Jonathan recommended (the guy who checked us in). We had burgers and beer including one Elk (big bambi) burger (its like cow) followed by all American ‘pie and cream’.
Walking home we come across a funky record shop with offerings since the beginning of music. We got some great old time cassettes thanks to our 1998 car having a tape deck. Woohoo. Where have you been cassette tapes I have missed you so…

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