Late last night there were a bunch of Uni students filming a love story in our motel lobby and carpark.  It looked like the real deal from makeup room to the lights camera action.  Then they proceeded with their after party and by 2am we had to tell them to rack off from out front of our room once they got fairly pissy and loud. I whispered to Geoff this morning… ‘we were sleepless in Seattle’ and we both laughed.

After cereal in our floral paper bowls with plastic green spoons we caught a yellow cab to the Space Needle thing sticking up into the skyline with tourists happy to pay the $22 each to go up and take a 360′ peak.  Bugger that!  It was impressive enough from the outside anyway!
We tramped freely along to Pier 66 at watched an Alaskan bound cruise ship loading passengers.  What an amazing sight.  We all got SUPER excited thinking about our own boarding on 23rd.  Then we watched them loading pallet after pallet of food supplies into the belly of the massive ship and people walking past with their suitcases one after the other.
We had a fun day exploring the main tourist parts of the city, the port, piers and Pike Street Markets.
imageWe also went on a really cool underground walking tour. You could tell that Jerry our guide has a passion for history and he loved to share his knowledge and interesting tid bits.  We learned all about the early days of Seattle, the original city and how things changed after the Great Fire of 1889.
imageThe kids enjoyed a period costume dress up and both got a souvenir photo to take home.
We had a nice cold beer and margarita (I dont know what has come over me lately) with some yummy bar tappas at happy hour prices.  Then we caught Bus 5 all the way home to our home away from home.

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