Today we went to a ball game.  The local baseball team the Seattle Mariners were playing the visiting Milwaukee Brewers.

We caught the bus to the big Safeco Statium just south of Seattle city.  We had a hot dog with the mustard and pickles from a street vendor before we went it.  Yum Yum!


The statium holds 47,000 people but was not full. The crowd was pretty into the game cheering and booing at the appropriate times.  Geoff and I had the ‘plastic cup beer in the sun’ while the kids tried ‘root beer’ soft drink but it was bloody awful.  We were trying to think of the taste it reminded us of – bingo – mouthwash! Like that stuff you use the numb your throat when you have a nasty infection. I guess its like Americans eating vegemite and they dont get it.  It must just be what your taste buds grow up to understand, love and miss.  Just like I miss vegemite…(oh I miss you every morning)…

After the game all kids under 12 were invited onto the field to run around the bases.  One after one they run around touching each base.

imageThe game was a bit like cricket – not much going on. Luckily though every time three people got out in a row they changed sides, so that kept it interesting. And the big screen and off field entertainment. It was all a great experience and we all enjoyed it. The Mariners scored just two home runs and the other team none!  We were sitting ‘right above all the action’ at third base in great front row seats half way up the stadium.  We brought a souvenir baseball for our holiday treasure collection on the wall at home.

So we ticked a few more of the American must dos today.


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