Did you know American light switches flip up instead of down? Does this make it the right way or as we Aussies would say ‘its the wrong way, upside down’. At first I thought the light switch must have been wired wrong, but alas motel after motel the switches are upside down. I know, its weird! The things you have to face on holidays. When away from your normal surroundings, in another country. Light switches. There are a number of other things that are ‘wrong’ like you know the whole driving on the wrong side of the road, that Geoff goes it get in the wrong side of the car, that the sizing of their coins are wrong (the little one is worth more than the big one) plus all the notes are the same size (so dont get too pissed and mix the $1 with the $100), bedside lamps have a little knob that turns instead of a push button, they drink their coffee straight black, bacon is in a box and not in the fridge… Mmmm I cant think of any others right now. Oh and ounces. At the Thai takeout shop the lady said I could have an 8 ounce or 16 ounce soup, and I said I dont know can you show me. I said we dont do ounces in Australia and she goes ‘well you are in America now’. Ok, good point, anyway show me the bowls!

We have not seen too much evidence of the massive meals that us Aussies think the Americans are presented with. The massive hanging off your plate steak or the super upsize me Maccas meals that you spew after eating. Maybe they have changed their ways, or we were wrong? We do see lots of junk food, easy pre chopped and wrapped foods, they love condiments like sauces, mustards, mayo, they love sweet bread and soft squishy things like muffins and waffles for breaky. I am missing vegemite and crunchy toast. They mix sweet and savoury for breaky like bacon and waffles together. Or chicken strips covered in deep fried crispy waffle mix. Gracie and I tried maple syrup cured beef jerky at the markets the other day.

There are so many TV channels with so many adventure reality shows. Thats the channels we get in our hotel rooms anyway. Geoff said now he knows why Steve Irwin was such a hit, and why they love Bear Grills. You can watch anything from a couple being dropped off in the wild somewhere with nothing including their clothes and they have to make it 21 days called ‘Naked and Scared’ we have all been loving this one (they make clothes from leaves and vines) to two men deep in Africa dealing in gold like its a black market and hidden in the jungle with their TV cameras. Theres one about being Amish, American Ninja Warrior, Gator Boys, Turtle Man and (something about big fish hunting) the guy who goes fishing for big dangerous scary fish around the world. We are loving their TV. It is super funny and entertaining.

Dont get too offended Americans, I am sure you have unfounded thoughts about us too. A guy asked Geoff the other day if there were many Kangaroos left in Australia as he had heard the numbers were getting low. He was then shocked to hear that we had them in our own paddock, yes Geoff hit a few with his car and we buy them from woolies to eat!

This is the very reason travelling is so great. It opens our eyes to one another and its fun.

Gracie woke this morning with a fever and feeling unwell. So petal is resting with her mamma taking care of her every need. Sponging her little forehead, making her take vitamins, barrocca and drink water. She managed a little rice and slice of pear. Now she sleeps.


Geoff and Bailey had a ‘boy day’. Together they when to The Museum of Flight. Airplanes, artifacts of flight, air and space museum. They walked through Air Force One and the record setting Concorde. They got sore legs and had a ball together. The perfect place for a father and son outing.


Bailey reports “There we are lot of planes. It was awesome. There we lots of very big planes. Some very rare ones all restored to new. There were some super duper old ones like the first plane that was operated by peddling, jumping off cliffs and moving your feet and arms. My favourite part was the the F22 Raptor simulator. We took off and did loop da loops. It was super fun and we almost fell off our seats and lots of blood going to my head. My favourite plane was the Black Bird the fasted plane ever built as a spy plane. There we lots of very cool space ships. Lots of history. We learnt alot about space and the wars. It taught me alot about war, space, history, the first planes, how they evacuated the President in wars and how much better planes were built over time. I also learnt there is a new member to the solar system, how space ships get transported back to the launchpad and how astronauts go to the toilet”.


I go to tend to some everyday woman duties like a bit more washing, tidying up the kids clothing, washing our grubby hats and all important eye brow maintenance. I also changed my earrings for the first time since I left home.


Gracie asked me today if we have been away from home for a month. We checked the dates and worked out yes. Then with a smile she said we have two months to go. I asked if that is good? She said yes because her most favourite part of the holiday is each time we check into a new motel they get a surprise when they open the door to see what the room looks like.


One thought on “Seattle

  1. Hey Wendy, I love all your American ‘wrongs’! It truly is one of the joys of travel I reckon, the differences! And how is it that unlike Australia where you can turn power points on and off at the wall in America they have no on/off switch. Candy – lollies, cookies – biscuits, cooler – esky, soda – soft drink, ketchup – tomato sauce, pie being sweet! My favourite channel in the US is HGTV. I could watch it for hours, watching the home renos, the house decluttering shows etc, etc. I love Gracie’s comment about why she is excited for another 2 months!! I really hope she is feeling well soon. Love Renee xxx

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