Today we drove to a lovely seaside town called Anacortes 90 minutes North of Seattle and just an hour from the Canadian boarder. So this will be our last sleep in Washington State USA.
Its the kind of town that soon as you get here it feels welcoming, quaint and full of character. We visited an interesting maritime museum and old paddle steamer. This is the town where the winner of the Americas Cup 2008 was built and tested. An old guy super enthusiastic about the steamer gave us a free guided tour.  The kids rang the ships bell, called out down the old communication copper pipe and pulled up the kitchen trolley from the galley to the mess.
Our reason for coming to Anacortes is that its the launch town for the Orca Whale Tours.  Its the right viewing time and we had read the flyers and trip advisor reviews the orca sightings were up to 80 in the pod.  So we took the plunge and booked the 6 hour tour.  It left dock at 3.30pm. The sun is up late here so the tour returned a bit after 9pm on dark.
So we had big expectations that we would too come across the big pods and have a real action packed life changing encounter.  We motored out West for 2 hours and on the way go to play ‘spot the Minky’.  Poor old Minky Whales just didnt cut the mustard even though our tour guide was beside herself each time she seen one.  Honestly they must be the most lame kind of whale encounter we have experienced.  Not like Gnaraloo where the whales popped up so close to and all around our boat it left us all shaking. Plus no one took a photo as we were too busy clamping it. Like I said, poor little Minky who I guess was special and kinda cute.  No one on the boat was too riveted.
We seen six in total and that was apparently impressive with the record being eight. We also seen some seals and porpoises.
So here you go, you get to play ‘spot the Minky’ too. Our tour guide nearly wee’d her pants when one ‘breached’ (he poked his nose out).
We did enjoy a beautiful sunset on the way back. We nearly all froze to death as the breeze was icy cold. The most thrilling part of my day personally was the steaming hot bath I had to defrost my butt when we got home. Geoff said he would have got excited if an Orca came over and ate the Minky.  Poor Minky.

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