Vancouver BC Canada

USA Christian radio is entertaining. Today while driving along we hear “Resist the urge to invite your friends around when your spouse is not home. This just opens the door to temptation and is not appropriate.The one you should be the most open to, sharing your deepest thoughts and dreams is your spouse.Being vulnerable with your friends just undermines the relationship with your spouse and can also lead to temptation”.
We started our day in Anacortes where they advertise as the land of whale watching. Obviously we are browned off that we didnt see any and are leaving with unfinished business with the Pacific Ocean. Maybe if they presented themselves on demand they would not have to be locked up at Sea World!We drove to Deception Bridge and did a couple of walks there getting out exercisment. The picturesque double suspension bridge over the rushing waters filled with salmon fisherman trying their luck. We also seen a spotted harbour seal fishing amongst the giant scary looking brown kelp. We walked to the beach and watched some fly fisherman knee deep in their placky waterproof overalls drinking carona flicking their little pretend fly. Its a clever art I admire. We then climbed the summit through the forrest for a lovely view.
Geoff and Bailey were happy as pigs in mud with wings flying planes when we parked next to the Navy Airforce Base and watched jet planes and fighter jets flying off.  We were at the end of the runway and the noise went right to the bone and blasted our ears off.
We picked some wild blackberries when a local lady stopped to tell us they are okay to eat. She complained living next to the Air Force Base was not a very nice experience. I began to wonder if the berries were in fact covered in aviation fuel. Nevertheless hey tasted okay.
We crossed the boarder today at 4.55pm and had our passports stamped at the busy highway checkpoint into Canada. For the past 18 months we have been talking up a ‘holiday to Canada’ so just officially declaring ‘we made it’. So with our extended USA diversion complete, thanks for being patient. 🙂
We left the land of miles today and entered a new land of km’s.  Yay, back to metric. Hello Canada. There however was a price to pay – fuel in America was about 95c a litre and the first servo we seen in Canada was $1.42, same as home. Bloody heck. Canada is meant to be the country that is the most similar to Australia. We shall pass our opinion on that soon enough. We heard it rained a lot in Canada and you have to dress in layers.  Well we were not long over the boarder and guess what, we had a dash of rain. And now we are checked into our city motel in Burnaby, it is raining out the window.  Maybe we have left the sun behind as we head closer to North Pole. Tomorrow we begin Operation Vancouver.

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