We all had a nice sleep, which is a good thing in a cheap motel as the beds, pillows other sleeping conditions can make it difficult. Our outer city motel that advertises as including ‘continental breakfast’ served coffee and sweet donuts.  So we resorted to our backup cereal, yogurt and milk supplies. I however have mastered how to use the automatic coffee percolators often found in our motel rooms. I make a tea first but putting the tea bag in the machine, then make Geoff his coffee.
So after cereal we walked to the 7 Eleven to buy an all day bus pass.  It cost us all $30 for the day round trip.  We are about 30mins from the City Centre. On the way we past a Thrift Shop and popped one tag on a pair of trousers for $2.50. Gotta love it. The kind Dutch lady even gave the kids a book each. It just amazes me how multicultural our trip as been.
In we went to Vancouver City, quoted as the most liveable city in the world. It was overcast and a little drizzly all day. This didnt effect us nor was it really cold.  Just pleasant. We seen our first maple leave fallen from the trees in GasTown.  We walked through a lovely native art gallery and watched one artist beautifully at work.
We wandered around Canada Place which is so beautifully built. We went in an awesome 4D Fly Around Canada simulator.  Our legs were hanging as we were taken on a flight across the best of Canada including being sprayed with snow mist and smelling the forrest. We also walked through Chinatown and seen a little of the Chinese Gardens.
imageUsing our day pass we were able to travel on the bus, skytrain and seabus (ferry). It is amazing how many islands that Vancouver and surrounds is made up of, all connected by bridges. You hardly realise you are going from one island to the next unless you look at the overall city map.
The kids got to check out the 2010 Official Olympic Torch that was lit at the beginning of the games (the big glass art piece). On the way home the kids realised our train was fully automated and ‘had no driver’ since they go to the right at the front and pretend to drive the train themselves. It was like a free disney ride.

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