Off we went into into the City for day two. At the end of the SkyTrain we start to come across heaps of youngish crew in playing dress ups for the Anime Convention, Japanese Culture cartoon fans. We couldnt tear ourselves away people watching. The costumes were awesome.

We hired bikes for four hours and rode around Stanley Park, one of the ‘must dos’ in the City. It must have been about 10kms we travelled. An easy scenic ride. image

We seen lots of interesting landmarks on the way like totem poles with symbolic explanations, some old war canon, view point markers, native fishing rock trap and what birds to keep an eye out for. We stopped to enjoy some blackberries for a snack.


The path made its way around The Seawall. The famous Autumn leaves were starting to fall. There were lots of mussels on the rocks. I had my first near death experience animal encounter. I seen a pure black squirrel and in the excitement pulled on the front brakes as I squealed out in excitement and my front wheel went over my right shoulder quick as a flash. I dont know how, but I was still on my feet. The squirrel was nowhere to be seen after that!

imageWe stopped mid afternoon for a late lunch when we came across a hotdog stand by the beach. We finished the day watching the movie Planes at the cinema.


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