We started our day in the slow lane. It is tiring being on tour like rockstars. We slept in then lingered a little longer with our breakfast. There is a coin operated laundry in our motel so I seized the opportunity. When a clean load of washing returns everyone needs to sort their bags out to make it fit back in.

Around 12.30pm we decided to walk to the Burnaby Village Museum to get out and about. We had to find a Flight Centre to pay for our flights to Hawaii on 1st October. That walk was 3.5km including Geoff visiting the Barber for a trim. We trouped another 4km in the drissing rain to the Museum. The weather then cleaned up nicely for us to enjoy the rest of the day, it rains in Vancouver all the time remember! We were so buggered we sat and had a beer to recover, while the kids had chips and gravy. I enjoyed a bit of people watching at the wedding party outside the beautiful little old time church. Hour and a half and still no bride. Geoff reckons it was a gay wedding as in his opinon there was far to much boy hugging going on.

imageThe Burnaby Museum is a village over many acres presented like the old days complete with the rooms set up with people dressed in period custume inside telling you about what went on in their building. There was a tinman, blacksmith, school house, seamstress, old houses, photography shop, pharmacy, store, bakery, telegram place and much more. The kids ran around with the kids morse code activity booklet following cules to crack the code. They finished their adventure with an old time carousel ride.


We walked to find the bus stop which took us to a big shopping centre. The ones if you are not careful you dont get back out. We all enjoyed some retail therapy. Then another bus and we got off to check out the big second hand superstore (a massive Good Sammys). Now that was fun all topping up on a couple of nice bits to take on the cruise ship.

We pounded the streets some more and finally made it back all buggered by about 9pm. The usual sort of arrival time for us lot.



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