We packed up our neat little home of four nights in Vancouver and headed north on the Sky to Sea Highway towards Whister all looking forward to experiencing wild and free range Canada. The road was scenic and made its way along the bottom of the cliffs. On one side were the steep forrest covered mountains and the other side we are looking out to the islands, also lush and mountainous.


We stopped along the way and met some fly fisherman who were happy Serbians now living and loving being Vancouver residents. One talked about being in the best country in the world and how lucky they were salmon fishing. They were reeling in salmon after salmon and wanted us to take one, but we explained it just would be an offence to the fish to cook him in our motel microwave! It was such a great sight, just like the fly fishing shows or documentaries you see of men in their overalls ever so clever casting out that little pretend fly.

We stocked up out little foam esky at the local supermarket to cook our own yummy micro dinner tonight. Stirfry with lots of fresh colourful things! Yum!


Now to our days mega highlight – pretending we were bears! We booked into a nice hotel (Gracie was excited it had a bath and soft toilet paper) in Squamish then headed to the river bank to make our french stick ham and salad lunch. We had the afternoon to sightsee and seen on the map two streams marked ‘Salmon Spawning’. OMGolly so you could imagine my quiet anticipation! Well it did not fail to deliver. A river and its streams full of salmon working against the current to get themselves to the top of the dead end streams to release their eggs. We seen them in all stages from full of life jumping up stream to laying around dead after achieving their lifes work. We also seen the eggs laying at the bottom of the shallow stream, much larger than I expected and pale orange. The water was like ICE, yes frozen ice off the mountains! It took about 10 mins for our feet to go beyond feeling so we could stand in it long enough to catch the fish with our bare hands. It really was a once in a life time thing. One of the very reasons we came to Canada at this time of the year. We are coming into peak salmon spawning and bear feeding time. Bailey came across some bear footprints in the mud and came bounding back to us pronto. We feel closer to real wild bears than ever before.



3 thoughts on “Squarmy

  1. Hello Bailey and family! We love readinng about your adventures, so sorry we havn’t yet replied!
    You look like you are having an amazing time and learning so much. We loved seeing your slamon caught with bare hands. Have you seen a bear yet? Did you taste the maple leaf? When do you come home? We have just got back from camp, but don’t worry Bailey, I am sure your adventures are much more exciting!!! Some of us saw a Mallee Fowl and a Bustard. Everyone loved making bush shelters, planting sandalwood seeds in the bush, laying branches in gullies to control erosion and just being out doors for a change. Now we are back at school, I think everyo9ne wishes

    • Hello Lighthouse family… we are missing you all very much. Bailey and Gracie are starting to wish they are back at school with you all. We had a very special day today in Alaska Fairbanks. You will be able to read that blog very soon. We went into a room today that is minus 40′. It was soooo cold. You would not imagine the feeling unless you give it a go. The first thing we noticed is our nose hairs freezed and went crispy, and Gracie found it hard to breathe because of the COLD air. We also learnt about dog mushing. Look up Lance Mackey Dog Musher http://www.mackeyscomebackkennel.com We met this guy today. An amazing story. He owns about 85 dogs! These people live in very harsh conditions in Alaska.
      Say a big hello to everyone.. WE MISS YOU LOT VERY MUCH….
      the Watters family.. xxxxxxxx

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