A fab day in Squamish (Sḵwx̱wú7mesh) as we conquered The Stawamus Chief, the second largest monolith in the world thanks to our own Ayres Rock. The hike took us seven hours all up from top to bottom including two peaks, rest and viewing stops.imageThe terrain was very steep and changing, lots of wood stairs, rock stairs, chains, metal pull up hooks and original forrest and rock floor.


It was a real test in fitness and endurance for us all. There was one point when Geoffs legs went wobbly as he helped the kids up a very steep section of cliff. On one side was the drop off and the other side the cliff face, plus he had a kid in one hand helping them up. He has flashes of getting in trouble by both sets of parents for loosing a child when we promised we would take good care of them!

The summit was an epic beautiful view of Squamish town and surrounds. It was another busy trail with people passing back and forth. Lots of average adventurers like us of all ages, shapes and sizes. Some fit types running past, some plodding along and some unfit types huffing and puffing. Dogs are really welcomed and encouraged from anything to hiking trails, hotel rooms to restaurants. Today we seen about five dogs including one cute little lap doggie in a backpack and the other big dog who had to negotiate the chained areas and a steep ladder. One thing that is great about us all being together all day everyday is that we get in lots of time for talking. On the way up any mountain I cant talk at all, no spare breath left. On the way down however we find ourselves deep in conversation with the kids discussing things they want to know about the world.


The Chief is a world renowned for rock climbing. There were lots of serious rock climbing crew camped at the bottom. We passed lots with their ‘crash mats’, ropes and climbing gear. They are FIT and muscular in a natural way, like the dont eat much and just focus on climbing. These are the serious kind who climb up the sheer rock face by using cracks and other crevices. They either climb, hike or abseil back down. Last night we seen some base jump off and parachute to the bottom. Mental. By the end of the climb our legs were fatigued and beginning to muscle shake. So yeah, we climbed it and we rocked on the big rock! Seriously awesome wild and free fun.


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