Our legs are sore from yesterdays hike. We all notice it at any stairs as the muscles in your legs all say enough is enough.

We seem to be sleeping in longer each day… today didnt begin until 9am much to Geoffs disgust (in our holiday laziness). We packed up and headed for Whistler. So it is summer and there is no snow on Whistler from our view from the village. The whole landscape is set up for a summer time adventure.
We seen the Olympic rings from the Winter Olympics 2010. The village certainly has a snow village feel.
It is really homely and interesting to walk around. The place is filled with serious mountain bikers. With bikes we have not seen before, built for the downward slopes. It was really interesting to watch them loading on the chair lifts. Oh how the place converts from one season to the next. We learnt that Whistler does not have an off season, its a year round pumping place.
We visited the Aboriginal Cultural Centre of the Squamish and Lil’wat people of the region. The first people and their story. Much like you would expect to experience in any cultural centre in Australia. It was interesting enough. We have done a fair bit of this kind of thing now and the kids really understand there are all kinds of people around the world. And that humans began their sprawl all over the planet rather rapidly once we discovered transport. We all came from somewhere, some earlier than others.
We are still on the hunt for bears looking out the window as we travel along. And asking locals and people ‘where can we see bears in the wild’. Most say something like ‘oh you wont see them they are deep in the woods’, or ‘I havent seen any bears this season’. So nothing of interest to report! Then once a day or so we hear someone say they seen one walking past or crossing the road! Two guys in our lodge said they seen bears today while biking. There is hope for us yet.
Today we tried a Canadian junk food dish. Its your normal chips and gravy plus ‘cheese curd’. These white clumps of cheese just melted a bit like a fast food fondue. Yummy enough for food to fill a hole and fast.
Tonight we are staying in a ski lodge. Its like a fancy backpackers, so everything is clean and nicely set up (as opposed to our San Fran backpackers that was the biggest mess ever). Nice big clean well organised family kitchen, baskets to name your stuff in the fridge and pantry. Our room is two story with one room above the other. And much to Gracie delight she gets a bed of her own and doesnt have to share with Bailey for the two nights we call this place home. There is no room telly so its nice and quiet, plus the kids played up today so its a good day to send them to their room while Geoff and I socialised with the other campers and drank wine!

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