Now our day started off very interesting. Yesterday we were offered ‘free tickets’ for the four of us on the gondola and lifts to access Blackcomb and Whistler peaks. Now we all know nothing is for free so in return you go to this seminar on Vacation Timeshare thing, 90 mins of our time and they babysit your kids at the kids arcade. The tickets were $150 so we thought okay what the heck. We have been around enough now to know that we had to listen to the blar blar blar, get the tickets and ge out of there without signing anything. We both agreed to slap the other one if we said yes to anything! There were heaps of people doing the same thing.

Well let me tell you, it was sticking sharp things in your eyes kind of stuff. Two hours of number crunching and hard sell to ‘rest’ $35,000 into their account in return for a 1-3 weeks holiday every year in a five star resort somewhere around the world. It was Amway ten times. It was interesting and yes an experience. After about 90 mins I said to Bruce that I was done and had to collect my kids now. We grabbed the free juice and biscuits on the way out and looked for the nearest exit as quick as we could. Took me about 2 hours to get over, but Geoff was intrigued by all the number crunching and their sales techniques. It kept us all entertained for the day talking about poor old Bruce who no doubt missed out on his commission for not signing us up today at the majorly discounted ‘today’ deposit price of $3,500.

So off we went with thanks to the hard sell hotel mob with our free lift tickets (cost me two hours of my life) up the mountain face. Free again…


There was more cool Winter Olympic stuff to be seen including rings and a museum on the Canadian champions of 2010.

The gondola and lift system takes a couple of hours as it covers two summits. It was awesome view and a magic way to enjoy the mountains. We did feel kind of ripped off though making it to the top without the hours of pain to get there, considering our legs are still paying the price for our summit climb a couple of days ago.

image The Peak 2 Peak main enclosed gondola is amazing. An engineering marvel as the longest in the world. We went back and forth a couple of times just to take it all in.


The views at both summits were wonderful. We just sat on the Whistler peak for ages looking out to the snow covered ranges beyond. It was the done thing to build yourself a little man out of rocks. These were originally built by the Eskimos to mark important things like food and as a welcome symbol. The tradition migrated further south and was used by early Canadian tribes.

imageWe managed to find some snow patches again and have a little snow man competition. Actually this patch of snow was so unique as it was coloured by different rocks, like some kind of oxidation process. The snow was melting and formed a little icy cold lake. The kids broke off sections of the melting snow to form icebergs and float out little snowmen. It was really great fun.

Of course all day we were always keeping an eye out for BEARS! Where are those bears? We watched out from each gondola and every lift. We watched out from each lift station and restaurant. We scanned each patch of grass and along the edges of the pine forest. Geoff read a sign saying black bears were spotting at pole 17 on the gondola returning back to Whistler Village. This was our last chance and lift home. So there we were in our own gondola, finding our bearings, all scanning, we were making ‘cant bear anymore waiting’ jokes then YES we seen not one, but two black bears at around 5.20pm at pole 19 and 17. It was so exciting and Bailey was bearly keeping it together. It was a unbearlievably cool experience. Animal encounters only count when its done in the wild.

We finished our day buying a well earned carton of Canadian beer and cooking a yummy home cooked meal at our really homely ski lodge.



One thought on “Whistler

  1. Wahooooo! So happy you got to see some bears in the wild!! I’m sure your Alaskan travels will bring you many more sightings! Orcas, bears, moose … bring it on! xxx

    PS Love you doing the hard yards for your ‘free’ tickets! Sounds like you made the most of them!

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