Today we spent the day in Whistler before driving back to Vancouver. Tomorrow is the BIG day. I dont know that I will be reporting frequently as the ship doesnt have free wifi. So we shall see. Otherwise I may have to do a bulk upload when I can, or when we hit mainland Alaska in a week and reunite myself with beloved wifi in a motel. Anyways, back to our awesome day – today.
Up we sprung and packed our backpacks then off to the campers kitchen for breaky. I am so bored of cereal I just couldnt face it again. Gracie had a single serve sachet of porridge that she had kept from another motel. Geoff and Bailey ate their boring tasteless mixed muesli while I ate butter on dry crackers, while having a conversation about missing egg on toast and vegemite on toast… Something crunchy and savoury…mmmm. We also expect we shall be stuffing ourselves with every food conceivable on the ship grazing buffets and other daily smorgasbords… Oh I have drifted off talking about food again! On subject – today.
We spent the morning at a forest treetop zipline park. It took about 3 hours through the canopy walk boards and five ziplines. It was really awesome.
Gracie our little daredevil did really well. Two of the long ziplines around 350 metres she was not heavy enough and would have not made the end so she was tandem harnessed to a guide. Three she was allowed to do herself. So yes we were all very high up and jumping out of trees along flying foxes. Flying like eagles amongst and through the cedar trees and over the creek.
The last zipline was ‘freestyle’ and we all went upside down.
We then headed to the lake for some lunch with our little friend white foam esky. We have been running down our supplies so when we board the ship tomorrow we are not throwing anything out.
The lake is like a postcard. It is a hive of activity from canoes, paddle boats, kids playing and family picnics. There are lovely wood cabins by the lake with their private little jetty and deck chairs. The weather is just gorgeous. The sun has been shining and its lovely and warm. Whistler is in the final stages of prep for Canadian Ironman. Registration commences today with the triathlon on Sunday. So the place is busy and ready. You can tell the people are chuffed with the season. They really get to enjoy the snow and the sun, all seasons with wide swings in either direction.
Tonight we pack, sort and have a clean up. Tomorrow we will leave our car in the motel carpark and head to the main shipping pier. Tomorrow we will return to using the bus and train and wearing our backpacks in the city. Tomorrow we should be eating like kings and queens and have our own fancy cabin to call home with nothing to organise or plan. Well except for, shall I have a beer or cocktail? We are all looking forward to a bit of luxury and extravagance.

3 thoughts on “Whistler

  1. Dear Gracie, it sounds like you are having a great time!! Wish I was there – all of us in the sea breeze room are missing you. Its just not the same without you. What date are you coming home? At school it has been Eloise’s birthday and we had the Spring High tea on the weekend – but it rained and we had to have it inside – although we still got to do the Maypole. We have a new boy in class called Sebastian, we call him Seb. We had the winter Walk – which was fun – we walked to the beach and made a big ship in the sand. We have been learning about the First Fleet, and making paper boats – which I think you would have been very good at. The boat you are going on to Alaska looks very cool – can’t wait to see more photos.
    Goota go – will write again soon – I miss you soooooooooooo much, lots and lots of love
    Keeley A xxxoooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • So lovely to hear from you Keeley it really made Gracie’s day. I have put some more pics on our blog just now. Gracie misses you all terribly so say a big hello. We get back 21at October xxxxxxxxxxxx give our love to everyone xxxxxxx Wendy

      • Gracie also asked why Tara is not answering her emails. She would love to hear from you all. Did you get any postcards from Gracie?

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