Day 1 Vancouver Depart

It was nice to have a sleep in and take it slower this morning. We packed up our backpacks and put everything in the car we didnt need for the cruise. Then off we set around 10am heading for the port. We took the bus then train to get to the Waterfront, Canada Place.
There were two big passenger ships waiting at the port and many people arriving with their suitcases. The customs and check in process was pretty smooth. We went through US Customs then through to the ship checkin that took about one hour.
It is a cashless cruise, so you get a CruiseCard for all extras mostly for things like drinks, casino, shopping and any extras not included. We have already paid our tipping too so need to worry about that.
Wow everything is sooo flash after living like cheapo backpackers for the past month oh it is like 5 star luxury, well it is! Our room was ready by 1.30pm and our bags arrived a couple of hours after that. We set up our room and spent the afternoon exploring all 11 levels of the ship. It really is like a mega Vegas hotel on sea. Our room is just swish. Larger than I expected. We have a big round window we can stand in and look out. The kids beds drop down from the ceiling each night and put back each morning. They are super cool in design and exciting for the kids with a space shuttle feel.
We had a big yummy hot lunch and a five star as a la carte dinner. Wow really it is just so lovely and mega flash. The staff are just so nice and accommodating of course, as each guest has to pay $15 a day in the compulsory tipping system.
We went to the welcome and comedy show. Its been a really lovely start to our week of Alaskan exploration and luxury.

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