Day 2 Inside Passage Cruising

Amen for high thread count sheets, luxurious fluffy doonas, big wide beds and just right pillows. Oooo we all loved our sea beds and slept well. Also thanks to the few set sail drinks last night and all the ensuing excitement.
Today was an all sailing day with no stops. So perfect for the kids to ‘have our own day doing what we like please’. Cant get too lost right we are on a ship. Our ship Radiance of the Seas is holding 2200 guests from 30 countries. We are like the floating United Nations. There are only 125 with most parents being responsible with their kids being in school. Well not us, our kids are in world experience school right now. Our ship has 900 staff and crew from 50 different countries. So many accents and languages. Everyone is really lovely. Of course all the guests are in happy happy holiday mode.
There are soooo many activities it is mental. You get a newsletter called ‘Cruise Compass’ each day to know what is happening and choose. From sushi demos, diamond talks to learning about the fishing industry, choosing tours to bingo, kids club to art auction to the nightly theatre show. ++ Phew!…
Geoff and I started our day with a cuppa while the kids were still sleeping. We stepped up our walking pace a bit and did a few laps of the top deck jogging track. Bailey spotted Orca Whales out our window when he woke up and looked out screeching ‘whales’, very exciting. One had a little baby.
image It was cold and raining today so the top deck was pretty much deserted. Inside activities were in full swing and busy. Gracie and I went to the art auction while the boys played a round of mini golf. We all relaxed in the outside heated spa while it was freezing outside. Geoff and I went to the Fishing Industry slideshow by the on board Naturalist. That was very interesting.
We didnt see the kids for half the day, busy off enjoying the freedom and doing as they wish. We enjoyed a yummy hot lunch and some relaxing time in our comfy room reading my book while Geoff has a snooze listening to his ipod. The kids went to the cinema to watch the hobbit after second lunch. They decided it was too scary and went to the video arcade instead.
We all rendezvoused again in our best formals for the captains dinner. Not that you seen him. I think its a reason for everyone to get fancy. Luckily we all brought something nice enough to jazz up. A scarf, a cameo, a necklace and shoes we all brought from Good Sammies in Vancouver. Geoff brought a tie in the ships store and Bailey continues to makes us all look good with his waist coat and bow tie. Its the first time Gracie has worn heals and she is having fun!
The kids went off to do some journaling and off to bed while Geoff and I continued on to the casino. Now as expected one of us drank too much! That one, dragged the other one on stage for Karaoke, played some pool, continued to drink too much and went home sick by about 2am. That person did do well in one department bringing home a nice win from the casino! So there!!…

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