Day 4 Icy Strait Point

I started the day with a ‘Bear Search Tour’ at Icy Point Strait. Geoff and the kids stayed on board. It was a fitting tour name as yes we were ‘searching’ with no cigar. I had to catch the one of the ships tenders over to Icy Point Island. It has a human population of 750 and 3500 bears! So the odds were meant to be good, alas… Our wildlife guide was a Tlingit native (pronounced clinkit) and he was a blast. He sounded and laughed just like Yogi bear. He spoke in Tlingit which was such an interesting language to listen to, and not one we could even attempt with our western tongues. The Tlingit people believe the Great Alaskan Brown bears are their ancestors. I think thats a grizzly.
imageWe were taken to a stream where the salmon were making their way up to lay their precious cargo. Perfect bear country just like you see in the docos, however there were none to be seen. These bears are 80 vegetarian, including feasting on the 53 types of berries on this lush island. The bears have to eat salmon to put on enough weight to send them into hibernation for winter.
imageI wandered around the seashore checking out the seaweed, rocks, shells and other ocean bits. I did see a humpback cruising along close to shore.
imageGeoff and the kids swam in the pool, played mini golf and more time in the games arcade. Followed by mid afternoon basketball and rock climbing. The climbing wall is massive situated on the ships exhaust tower. These ships are like any Vegas hotel that you never have to leave to satisfy your holiday hungers. We are even using the word ‘vacation’ now.imageBailey and Gracie are loving the freedom they have on the ship. They are wandering around checking out the activities, eating together in the restaurants and snack bars. Visiting the room, pool and games room when they choose. They each have an ID bracelet and card they use to travel around around.
The weather today was overcast and a pleasant Alaskan end of summer 15′. Yes it was bug up weather for any Aussie family onboard. The clouds were hanging over the mountains with the sun peaking out every now and again. There were humpbacks quietly making their way through the inside passage around us our ship continued its journey further north towards the Arctic Circle. We learnt that whales get their ‘sleep’ by shutting down half their brain at a time as they have to remain awake enough to remember to breathe. Must have been the case here in the icy waters as they were nowhere as active as we see off the coast of WA. You know how lucky we are in so many ways, we ofter are reminded that really at home we are constantly in happy-land ‘vacation’.
The kids went to KidClub while Geoff and I went to the night show, a Grammy award winning Xylophonist. Is that possible? Then we enjoyed a lovely dinner together. We completed our day at the usual holiday time of around 11pm after a two song dance at the 70’s night disco. I know, bit ridiculous. We are caught somewhere in between Australian and American time and sleep in daily to make some sense of it all.

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