Day 5 Juneau

Well our day seems to always start in slow motion as Gracie is last up and needs her sleep in after an 11pm night out.
After a cooked breaky (I know, every meal is deliciously hot at the moment!) we headed down the plank to the port town of the day.
Bruce our on board Naturalist said today we should catch the shuttle to Mendenhall Glacier. Again this port is busy. It is mental how many people are piling of cruise ships. There are four in port today. That means about 20,000 people have just docked in the Alaskan capital of Juneau. The streets are packed and shops full. What do these people do in the off season? No doubt take a rest from thousands of demanding cruise ship travellers.
imageMendenhall Glacier was just spectacular. The most exciting part was seeing floating icebergs. That was just so exciting. Any glaciers are just magnificent to look at. The are like a wild raging tsunamis that have snap frozen in a second, then turned icy blue, pushed up, shape shifted and split.
imageThere was also a magnificent water fall gushing down from another melting glacier leaving us wondering how does it generate the bulk of water to keep it in rapid proportions.
imageWe did some more black bear spotting in a prime location alongside a salmon river. There was clear evidence like fresh bear poo and crewed up salmon, tramped grass, carcasses. My heart sinks as we leave seeing no bears. It was great to watch the salmon jumping up stream to lay their eggs.

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