Day 7 Hubbard Glacier

Just for something different we started our day with breaky in our room taking advantage of room service. On sunrise the ship was coming into Yakutat Bay to get up close to the two Glaciers. It is so cool to see icebergs floating past and as we approached the Glaciers the icebergs got thicker. Some even had Harbour Seals lazing about in the distance. The onboard Naturalist Bruce was over the loudspeaker telling us all about the Glaciers and surrounding area. The temp started about 5′ and rose to 10′ by mid morning.
imageFrom our window we watched a big slice of the Glacier face break off and crash into the sea. This is called calving. It also makes a large crashing sound just like thunder. The sounds of the Glacier moving and breaking is even more spectacular that the view. Even the icebergs in the water make popping and cracking sounds like when you pour milk on your cereal, snap crackle and pop.
Our ship sent out a life boat to retrieve an iceberg. They used a crane to winch it on the ship. Later in the day it was used by one of the chefs to carve a whale. Bruce said by the time these big chunks calve of into the sea they are a 600 year old block of solid compacted ice. This is what makes the Glacier get its brilliant colour, as the ice compacts there is no air left making it appear shining icy blue.
The Glaciers were as spectacular as you imagine. You could stand there and watch for days, plus the loud sound effects are thrilling and unexpected. There are really no words or photos to explain how great a sight it is.
The Hubbard Glacier sea-face is ten stories high. We dont even appreciate how massive it really is from the distance we are viewing safely from the ship.
We filled the rest of our last full ship day in the pool, at the BBQ (eating so much yummy food), drinking beer, packing, basketball, rock climbing, kids club, reading, comedy show, staring out our window watching the sea and relaxing.
I have taken so many photos. I love looking at them just to see all the amazing things we have done. Feels like we have been away from home for ages. We are about half way now in our big USA and Canadian adventure. I have heard the first murmur from the kids about missing home… You can feel torn between two wonderful worlds when you are travelling. Any feelings of home will have to remain a ‘message on hold’ for now.

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