I have run out of word to describe the beauty of Alaska. We have only just skimmed a very small surface of how stunning this place is. It is open for business for such a small part of the year. The season really works in with the cruises delivering thousands of eager travellers during ‘summer’. Which really just means the snow melts and creates access for tourists.

This morning we went to the interactive Denali Visitors Centre. We watched a lovely movie on the seasons, the animals and beauty of Denali. We then went to a dog sled house for a talk and demonstration. Everyone loved seeing the dogs, saying hello and giving them a pat.


This part of our trip has been like a mystery tour as I booked the land content of our cruise so long ago I forgot what we are doing. We turn up at the train station to be loaded onto an amazing double decker dome roof train. WOW it was super fancy with a restaurant, full bar and glass roof for perfect viewing. It took a deliberately slow four hours to take us from Denali to Fairbanks. Four hours north and 200km south of the Arctic Circle.


The scenery was magic. Green, lush forrest to boggy marsh and changing colours to greet Autumn. We followed a grey mineralised milky river along past the interesting cliff line and rapids.


We spoilt ourselves and shared some American Pie in the restaurant for dessert all while enjoying the views. On arrival to Fairbanks we were transferred to a swish downtown hotel where we topped up our tummies with two minute noodles before bed at midnight.


By Gracie “I had a wonderful time in America and are glad to now be in Canada. Some of my favourite things so far are; when we drove for 1 and a half hours from Hood River to Mount Hood. On the way to Mount Hood we stopped at a fruit shop and went on a Wizard of Oz corn maze. It wasn’t that hard besides for all the corn branches slapping in your face while you ran. Also when we went ziplining in Whistler. Ziplining is very fun because it feels like you are flying through the trees. I also loved the time we went to Whistler Mountain on the gondolas. I liked it when we went to Cradle Mountain. I loved the view and how the water was so blue, like the actual colour. I havent been doing much school work but I have been doing my journal every day. we have now been away for 2 months and i am feeling homesick. I miss my teddies and the animals but its a nice feeling to know that they are all ok. It’s the 1st of September, Father’s Day!!! I bought daddy a bear beer opener, he really likes it. We are on a train to Fairbanks. The train seems like first class because it has, a restaurant, bar and a outside viewing platform”.


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