Our last day in Alaska was an unorganised free day. So we got up late, enjoyed the included hot breaky and packed our bags. As our flight out is not until 1.40am we checked our bags into the hotel storage room. We took the hotel shuttle to the North Alaskan Museum. We had been told it had excellent exhibits of everything from native Alaskan to the Northern Lights movie to art and natural history.

imageIt was very well done, interesting and informative. We always love any natural history exhibits on animals and evolution and that kind of thing. Excellent displays, artifacts and taxidermied animals.


Our taxi driver informs us in conversation that only ten miles away there is a real town called the North Pole. We figure crikey we cant be this close and not go visit!

After the museum we take the local Green Route bus to North Pole. And sure enough there it is, complete with Maccas and Safeway.

There was a big Santa Shop and Santas reindeers were out the back. The kids were very impressed. Plus the pinup boards were filled with childrens letters to Santa, yes addressed to the North Pole. This is where they end up. I have even sent some letters here myself as a kid.

imageWe are hanging out in our hotel lobby until 11pm. Then we are transferred to the airport for our 1.40am red eye to Seattle. And so comes the end to our wonderful time in beautiful Alaska. Magic land…

Here is Gracies 2am airport photo…image


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