Vancouver Red Eye

We travelled the wee hours of the morning on Alaskan Airlines from Fairbanks to Seattle. Then a nice shuttle coach transported us from SeaTac Seattle back to our motel in Burnaby Vancouver. That ride took another five hours including going through the Canada customs checkpoint. We all got some sleep on the bus. The plane and bus both had free wifi, cool hey!


This morning about 2am we were treated to see the Aurora Borealis northern lights out the aeroplane window. Our Captain announced ‘look left once we are in the air’ and there it was. That may have just been our red eye reward. We learned all about this natural phenonon yesterday at the museum so we knew what we were looking at, how it is created and why it dances like a milky green ribbon in the black sky. It was really special.


Fairbanks is right under the strongest section of the Aurora circle leaping from the solar storms originating from the sun. A combination of earths magnetic field, the atmosphere and the solar storms are what cause the Aurora lights. And amazingly enough because of the earth magnetic core and rotation the Aurora lights are an identical view of those seen in Antarctica. The images bounce back and forth within seconds between the North and South Poles. If you take a picture at the exact time in both places they will match. Now that is just a magical thing. Just like in Happy Feet. No wonder he was dancing!


We are all really happy to be back to our cool car, a little piece of our own. The kids are excited to have their own little space to call home again, sprawl out and set up their ‘area’.

Everything in our backpacks has to be washed. We have been rotating the same clothes for twelve days. So we will take the downtime to wash, repack and reorganise before leaving Vancouver.

The Happy Days Inn motel people have been really helpful to take care of our car while we were away for two weeks. And so now begin the final leg of our Canadian adventure. We have nearly four weeks left to explore and we expect the Rockies will take up the majority of this precious time. Yes we are all feeling homesick. The kids especially now are talking about home. Gracie is missing her teddys and cubby. Bailey is missing his music and friends. But crikey we have a good way to go yet. Like anything there is always something to gain and something to loose from any adventure. Whilst we are tinged with sadness over home sweet home we all know we are on one of the biggest adventures of our life as a family. The stuff dreams are made of.


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