Harrison Hot Springs

No one moved until nearly 10am. We all had some serious sleep to catch up on from our red eye special journey from Alaska to Vancouver through Seattle.
We packed up our room and moved back into our little car. Oh the joy, everyone was elated. We are now heading toward Jasper and knowing we have the month left in Canada, we will take our time to enjoy this lush part of the world without rushing. Well we didnt get far as we seen a highway sign saying ‘Harrison Hot Springs’ and took the Exit to check it out.
We seen the Visitors Centre and pulled a snappy park near all the road block and detour signs. The street was full of action and cluttered. I seen a sign saying ‘Farmers Market’ and said lets go check that out. Walking along the street we are asked by a girl wearing a headset ‘are you extras?’ we said no. She said well you had better walk that side of the street. It was then we realised we were in the middle of a movie set. The whole street was transformed. They were not normal people like us, they were extras complete with tailored clothes and fake icecreams. So we hung about and watched all the action. It was super interesting. The street was turned into the town of Wayward Pines. I walked right past Matt Dillon with cool blood and cuts makeup. They are filming a ten part series for FOX. We watched as the extras walked around, crossing the road, entering shops as Matt Dillon (Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke) acted a car crash scene. The whole time we watched all they did was take that same thing three times. No wonder it takes a year to make a movie. We were amazing how many people, like a hundred or so, all there making the series. Very cool experience.
We continued on our way to find the hot springs. We came to the quaint little lake side town of Harrison. Geoff says it was fate. Fate we ended up mysteriously in the middle of a movie set, that we found Harrison and that we found a lovely little cabin with faux fire to relax for a couple of days. The kids announced its the ‘best motel ever’ and ‘can we stay for a week’.
The kids played for two hours straight on the lakeside swings. It was so lovely to watch them free play and laughing without a care for anything else. Except for the blisters forming on their hands from an hour on the same swinging bar.image
We shopped at the local deli to buy some essentials like bread, butter, cheese and a can of stew for dinner. Stew on toast for dinner. YES our motel has a microwave and toaster! The world is a beautiful place tonight. It is raining. Still as can be except for the loud thunder right above. Low misty clouds hanging over the thick forrest mountains from our porch of room number 1. Siping red wine from my paper Dog on a Stick cup watching the rain and loving the constant close flashes of lightening.

3 thoughts on “Harrison Hot Springs

  1. I am so, so jealous! I love Matt Dillon! Can’t believe you got to see him up close and personal like that, and in the midst of filming too! Would have been awesome if they’d asked you guys to be extras too! xx

  2. How amazing to just stumble onto a movie set lol I would have said yes we’ll be extra’s hehe. You guys are having such an incredible time, what wonderful memories,, love you guys xox

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