Harrison Hot Springs

Today we are all reminded that we have the most amazing experiences in nature. It doesnt have to be full on, busy or crazy. It just has space to be. Space in nature to enjoy what is there all the time without enhancement. 

A lovely day we all shared in Harrison, the sweet little town with a population of 1500 people. They said last weekend was their official end of summer with the Labor Day weekend and the town was packed. So luckily we turned up yesterday and its quite as a mouse. Perfect. Also it works to our advantage that the Canadian summer is over as we end into ‘off season’ and prices come down for motels.
Our motel is so homely. It is decorated nicely with comfy furnishings and lamps. We have a fridge and dining table! I think a first for us. No wonder we are all loving the feeling of home. We could easily stay here for a week.
We enjoyed a couple of forest walks. It was lush, moist and covered with green moss.
We checked out the hot spring. You cant get in cos its so hot it would melt your skin off. One of the fancy hotels has the rights to the water and pumps it back to their fancy spa for therapeutic treatments. We just settled to dipping our hands into the run off from the source. The autumn leaves are falling in all shades of yellow, orange to red.
The forest creatures were so awesome. I think I took about 20 photos of the banana slugs. We found them in brown, black and yellow. Also lots of fungi, some snails and toadstools.
This town is famous for its many spottings of the mythical creature they call Sasquatch (big foot). In fact, as the local flyer says, there have been so many reportings of Sasquatch in the Harrison Hot Springs area over the years the township proposed to launch a expedition in search of the creature back in 1957. So as well as cougars and bears, we kept a beady eye out for him too.
We walked through the town looking for a couple of GeoCaches. The houses are all so sweet and perfect. Geoff said it looks like Wisteria Lane. Some guy even seriously growled at me for walking on his lawn. We found our first two GeoCaches in Canada. Gracie made a treasure swap, a Australian coin for a Canadian flag lapel pin.

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