It doesnt seem to matter where you are or what you are doing, there is always something to worry about. Like the health of my kids, money, are we away for too long? the kids missing out of school, do I have bed bugs or nits? the black hairs in the bathtub that are not ours, the wasp bite on my leg, how long we will last living off food cooked in a microwave before we start glowing? is everything okay at home? will the dogs remember us?  Then when you are home you have those usual set of worries. I figure you just have to make the most of any situation. It doesnt matter who you are, where you are or your circumstances, life is what you make of it. Like every town no matter how big or small there is always something lovely and sweet to soak up. Just like what we fill our days with, it can be gold or misery depending on how you view it.

There are really great opportunities for personal growth when we are all stuck together in a car that you would not get to experience at home. Like that we have to work things out, we are all together 24/7 and it requires patience and conversation. I do love that we get lots of time for talking.

Today was a driving day. Two ways to view it. Not much happened, move along nothing to see – boring. Or that is was a moving day – downtime. We are on our way to Jasper in the Rockies. It was about 700km away this morning. We left Harrison around 10.30am and travelled the rest of the day. The kids played cards and other things in the back to keep themselves amused through waves of getting along nicley, fun made up games, boredom and fighting. I find myself yelling back to them ‘look out the window you might learn something’. My dad used to say that to us kids when we were fighting on long distance road trips.
We all love our car. I said to Geoff we may not have made it this long if it wasnt for our car. He said back to me, we would have spent six weeks waiting at the bus stop! You really need one to get around any big country, including Australia, USA and Canada.
I am tired. We didnt get to bed until midnight last night so it will be an early night for me to catch up.
We thought we found an interesting sight mid arvo seeing a sign saying ‘Beaver Dam’. We trekked in off the roadway to find another sign saying ‘Beavers no longer live here’. Ohh-kay, back in the car!
Bailey lost a tooth today! One of his eye teeth. It was literally a blood spitting event.  Eating a sandwich one moment and spitting a tooth the next. It has been wobbly for a couple of weeks.
imageThe highlight of our day was our little park picnic after we filled our little esky with some food from the supermarket.
imageAnd next was that around 5pm we found a little motel with one room left waiting for us. The kids spotted a soccer ball on the grass so they were happy as larry to run and play.
imageThe cost of our motels of late have been around $100 a night. The last two have had a little kitchen and more roomy. We are already putting in our order for our Japser motel where we would like to stay maybe five days. So far on our wish list we have; a log cabin, with fireplace, kitchen, two rooms, lots of wildlife, mountain and lake views, plus we would like it to snow on our cabin. I wonder how we will go!
I surveyed the family tonight asking two questions; 1) What are you really glad you brought with you from home?, and 2) What do you wish you had with you now?
1) my new backpack
2) more patience and money
1) pocket knife, packing cells in my backpack, my black singlet
2) Jasper (poodle)
1) Florry (teddy), wisdom, love, curiosity
2) more undies
1) teddy
2) all of my teddies

2 thoughts on “Merritt

  1. G’day Watters clan,sounds like you are all having hoot of a time on your mega trip half way around the world.Its a long way to travel just to go from the west coast to the east coast for a gem party and catch up with your east coast family,but we don’t care along as you have the best time and take care.We are following your trip,it is like a movie or some travel adventure from a lonely planet book.Bailey and Gracie you are now looked on as world travelers.A world traveler is a person that not only travels but feels and lives the places that they have been and are open to all thing that come your way.This is a very special thing. Looking forward to seeing you all in person real soon and sitting down to a yarn or too. Lots of love and laughs to ya all Mr Grant Jones. PS Can you send me Steve k number. Booked a top venue at Maroubra beach lets party.

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