Driving day two… not much going on… another tired day for me. We have had mild head colds hanging about. I think because we have been in so many climates in the past two weeks. We have been -40 to today is 28′ but it feels like 35′. We all had a big sleep last night which was needed.

Geoff was a trooper driving us up and onwards to the Rockies. We stopped at a roadside market as an excuse to break up our journey. I told the kids to watch out for fleas at the market… hehe… I know, we were hard up for a laugh.


We arrived at the town of Clearwater and decided to ask around for a motel. We were only coming across expensive places so keep looking to find something within our $100 max budget. We found a nice lake for lunch.

imageMore motel hunting was turning nothing of interest up by 4pm. We threw in the towel (well Geoff said we were going exploring) and trekked off to visit a waterfall. It was a 6km return walk. Gracie and I were pooped but it was well worth the trek. We walked behind and around the waterfall. The wind coming off it was nearly enough to push you over and it was loud enough we had to shout to be heard. It was a really beautiful place. The water was icy and crystal clear.


Back to town we found a motel for $103. We treated ourselves to dinner at a diner. Shame it was nothing to write home about but filled a empty hole.

Everyone enjoyed some quite time playing on wifi and reading books. The kids found a collection of Archie comics at the markets this morning so we didnt hear much from them from that point on. We have enough books in the car now to be one of those travelling libraries.



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